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Cortana vs Siri, new ad by Microsoft

It’s pretty tough to think somebody intends to switch from one smartphone platform to another just for the sole reason of the new facilities provided by a voice assistant, particularly Read more

Holy grail' of batteries could double mobile usage time

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. One single device manages our work documents, time tables, photos, videos, internet browsing, provides reading facilities like ebooks, presentation and other Read more

Nexus 6 may be Shamu

With the launch of the Android Silver project, majority of public started to think that the Nexus program might be going forward for an end. While that was recently proven Read more

OnePlus One launching in India

The smartphone fan base in India is turning out to be progressively competitive, with a great deal of international brands and local ones alike contending to build the interest among Read more

Drone Privacy

At any point of time, when a new program is pioneered in the government, the agency should put up a “Privacy Impact Analysis” (PIA), a phase that decides what private Read more

Moto X+1 leaks

It has been almost a year or so since the release of Motorola’s flagship, the Moto X. The phone just possessed an unparalleled approach, bringing about with a conservative design, Read more

Memory implants- a blend of electronics with neuroscience to replace lost memory

Sometimes ideas that initially seem crazy bring out revolution. Medical science has witnessed huge progress in very short span and kidney, heart, lungs or liver implantation are common terms to Read more

artficicial intelligence getting smarter

Technology is fast pacing and now artificial intelligence is the latest technology that is being boosted by giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple and so on. We have witnessed smart technology, Read more

GOOGLE acquires Graphics firm drawElements

Google recently acquired drawElements, a company that deals with GPU benchmarking and testing. Well, the common people may not be familiar with these terms. So to explain briefly, GPU is Read more

European Central Bank website hacked and personal information stolen

If you are online, doesn’t matter who you are, your security is always at stake. Recently the European Central Bank fell prey of hackers. The hackers stole the database of Read more