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Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica makes new version of Google Glass

Google Glass also known as Project Glass was originally developed by Google X. It was released in February,2013. It was considered to be another wearable technology after the smart watches. Read more

Navy makes armor made of Spinel clear as clay

Here we introduce an excellent transparent armor by the Naval Research Laboratory, a manufacturing process to reliably make a strong, transparent ceramic that can also be viewed through infrared cameras, Read more

America's Deadliest Drone War: Why CIA is permitted?

Yesterday at a Press Conference about killing an American and Italian hostage in a US drone strike on Pakistan, President Obama said, “As President and Commander-in-chief, I take full responsibility Read more

Bizarre thing on Google Map: Android Bot urinating on Apple icon

Google and Apple had professional enmity with each other which has been seen in their lawsuit clashes and fight over patents. But whatever be the extent of rivalry, Google and Read more

Xiaomi’s latest smartphone Mi 4i launches in India at 12,999 INR

At the global event held on New Delhi, India, Xiaomi has launched its latest brand new smartphone Mi 4i at an unexpected and affordable price of only 12,999. It supports Read more

Again obstacle in the cleaning-up of Fukushima nuclear plant: two robots were abandoned inside the reactor

March11, 2011, huge tsunami caused by Tohoku Pacific Ocean earthquake destroyed Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. It’s been four long years the incident occurred but TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Read more

A Bizarre Discovery Of A Radioactive Drone On Japan’s Prime Minister’s Office

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) also known as drones, are aircraft either controlled by ‘pilots’ from the ground or increasingly, autonomously following a pre-programmed mission. While there are dozens of different Read more

One Second Every 15 Billion Years: Measure of accuracy for Strontium atomic clock

Not more than a year ago global team of researchers including members from the National Institute of Standards and Technology broke a world record by building an ‘optical lattice’ clock, Read more

Kids, want to customize your own 3D printed toy: Mattel and Autodesk teamed up to launch a 3D initiative to design own toys

Dear Kids and also the grown-up kids, if it is your dream to design and customize your own toys then the day is not far. In our childhood we always Read more

Google celebrates Loch Ness Monster

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Google celebrates Loch Ness Monster

Today, technology has bought us so close and have made almost everything available at home itself. Google has played vital role in bringing the whole world down at home via Read more