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Apple iWatch price may be 400 usd

Apple has called for a press meet on 9th September 2014 and in this intermediate phase a lot of speculations are being done on the purpose of the event. It’s Read more

Microsoft shows interest to Cyanogenmod

Cyanogen is a custom OS which can be installed in your device as a build. The Android modification Cyanogenmod is already popular and alluring a considerable number of users. Hence, Read more

Microsoft refused court order

Microsoft again spurned the United States Court order of giving access to mails of overseas clients to the US Government. On 31st July, chief Judge Loretta Preska of the U.S. Read more

Hyperlapse for iOS

Instagram has acquired a monumental achievement from its Photo sharing application. The inclusion of video editing was demanded heavily and hence after four years Instagram’s Hyperlapse is launched as a Read more

World Wide Internet Map

This is a wonderful idea that a map exists and it informs us about all the people in the world who are connected to the internet. The concept is called Read more

Amazon 4k streaming is coming for Samsung TVs

This is a big news for owners of Samsung 4k or UltraHD Televisions. Yes, Amazon 4k streaming is arriving by October 2014 and you can enjoy the streaming experience only Read more

Nokia HERE Maps coming for Samsung Devices

Nokia HERE has been a spectacular app that every smartphone manufacturer has craved for. HERE Maps are coming to Android devices, especially for Samsung models and at present this is Read more

iPhone 6 materials

Till now we have informed you about all the leaked information on iPhone 6 that were available to us. The display size is rumored to be revamped to 4.7 inches. Read more

iWatch Concept

Apple has been particular in maintaining privacy about the iWatch and none could peer through the walls. But now a strong source has managed to gather information that Apple iWatch Read more

HTC Desire 510

HTC is bringing a new member in their Desire series of smartphones. The new smartphone is known as the HTC Desire 510 and this phone has already won the cards Read more