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iPhones to get WhatsApp Calling feature soon

WhatsApp has started its calling feature for Android phones a month back and now the feature is coming for iPhones. WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton has revealed that the iOS version Read more

LG Spirit Launches in India at ₹ 13,690

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LG Spirit Launches in India

Last month, LG launched the Spirit (LG-H422) handset in India to compete in the mid-range handset segment. It has been priced under ₹ 14,000 and has been unveiled along with Read more

Research says, color in birds has not the only property of attracting mates

We had always known that male counterparts of many species of birds have plumes and feathers with flamboyant colors. The reason behind this was concluded to be the natural way Read more

UK Headmasters to take action against parents allowing children with violent video games

Headmasters of different schools of United Kingdom has decided to take severe actions against parents who allow their children to play violent video games. Nantwich Education Partnership group sent letters Read more

LifePaint: Volvo designs a life saving paint for bikers

Owing to the increasing rates of Bike and cycle accidents mostly at night, Volvo has designed a special paint for bikers. The paint is known as LifePaint which has a Read more

Super Mario 64 comes for browser with HD quality

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Super Mario 64 comes for browser with HD quality

Super Mario takes us straight to our childhood when we were crazy for this one game. Even after 20 years of its inception, the game has surprisingly not lost e Read more

NASA: Roscosmos working on new space station ISS 2.0

Just like in 1998, Russia and the United States of America are partnering to build a second version of the International Space Station (ISS). Earlier in February, Russia’s space agency, Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook to donate all his money to charity

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Apple CEO Tim Cook to donate all his money to charity

We have seen Microsoft CEOs to be generous and Bill Gates has set an exemplary in performing benevolent activities especially his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The next CEO to Read more

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge pre-orders to roll out on March 27 in the US

Samsung announced two of its highly anticipated devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge at the MWC 2015 held at Barcelona. Samsung now announced officially that pre-orders for Read more

Google intends to join Microsoft's Pointer Events Standards

The W3C held last month announced that the Pointer Events Standard is recommended for all modern web browsers. The Pointer Events specification by Microsoft was not supported by Apple and Read more