DeLorean Working On a New Flying Car That Doesn’t Need Roads

DeLorean Aerospace has come up with Flying Car- thus giving a new dimension to car technology. Car technology is progressing at a fast pace. We have self driving cars and

Ultrathin semiconductor onboard to increase silicon’s lifetime

It was recently discovered that  semiconductors have this property of rusting. Semiconductors can rust, which in turn creates an insulating layer on its circuitry. Stanford University has been working on


OnePlus 5 Gold comes with new limited edition model

OnePlus is a company that has pledged to never settle. The company announced its latest flagship model OnePlus 5 back in June and started pre-orders a week later. The handsets

Samsung’s upcoming Flip Phone has a humongous 4GB RAM and 12 MP Camera

Samsung is here with its next phone and the device is a flip phone that has long lost amid smartphones. Well, the flip phone is an Android smartphone with appreciable