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Estonian startup tests LiFi wireless internet technology, 100 times faster than traditional WiFi

In an era of wireless technology data transmission and reception are the most essential components. If the same wireless transmission can be teamed up with a complimentary service, then nothing Read more

Fossil Q: Fossil launches its first Android smart wear

Companies like Rolex, Fossil, Tag Huer have sheer expertise in making the most eclectic pieces of traditional and jewelry watches. These watches always have a special places in the heart Read more

Star Symbol in Moto G: Interruptions and more

The Motorola handsets with Android 5.0 Lollipop like the Moto G might any day show up a Star Sign just beside the battery indicator. The results of the Star sign Read more

How to make Google show you only recent search Items

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How to make Google show you only recent search Items

Google is a huge part of our life and giving an introduction about Google search is absolutely wastage of time. When you search anything on Google, the search results furnished Read more

How to maintain volume balance in Movies using VLC Player

When we watch movies in computer, laptop and other such devices, there is a problem that all of us face with many movies- the lack of balance in sound. The Read more

Blue Dragon, A Rare Sea Slug Washes Up on Shore in Queensland, Australia

The pictures of these amazingly beautiful creatures have gone trending in social media ever since it hit the shores of Queensland, Australia. The blue and silvery creature that can quite Read more

Facebook adds new Tool to ease situation between ex-lovers

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Facebook adds new Tool to ease situation between ex-lovers

Breakups are tough and the toughest thing is to undo everything from the past. With social media like Facebook, we post updates with our loved ones and tag them in Read more


YouTube is one of the major platforms where copyright infringement issues have become very common. The giant online video streaming service of Google has decided to become more potective towards Read more

ISIS reportedly called Anonymous hackers "Idiots" after they declared cyber war

Anonymous- the powerful and efficient activist hacker group declared cyber war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists group when the latter claimed their responsibility in the Read more

Facebook activates Safety Check after bombing attacks on Yola, Nigeria

Facebook has activated the Safety Check feature after the terrorist attacks on Yola, Nigeria. Recently after the tragic mayhem in Paris, Facebook activated the Safety Check in the city to Read more