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How To Embed The Audio From A YouTube Video?

When we want to embed YouTube video in our blog or website, it’s super easy and doesn’t need any tutorial for it. The Share button gives you the tiny URL Read more

Samsung launches the new Galaxy C9 Pro

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Samsung has quietly launched the new Galaxy C9 Pro in the Chinese market. The company had spent a humongous amount on the promotion of Galaxy Note 7. The device turned Read more


Here is the hands on review on Ambrane P2000 power bank. The main attraction of this power bank is its humongous charging capacity of 2080 mAh. The capacity is enormous Read more

Keep a track on Phones with Hoverwatch Free Cell Phone Tracker

Hoverwatch Cell Phone Tracker is a desktop application which records SMS, call history and audio, camera, locations, WhatsApp, Facebook, internet activity, calendar, contacts etc. If you want to monitor the Read more

Apple rumored to incorporate dynamic e-ink keys in MacBook keyboard

Rumors have been speculating since a long time that Apple has been working to enhance its Macbook pro lineup of devices. Now, the bigger news is that the company will Read more


Apple adumbrated a plan to launch its own high tech automobiles last year. The Apple cars which were supposed to be known as iCar is probably not going to see Read more

How to Turn Off Facebook Live Video Notifications?

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How to Turn Off Facebook Live Video Notifications?

Facebook Live Video was launched months back, where celebrities could interact with their fans via Live videos. The feature has been made for general users few weeks back. Any user Read more


Samsung Galaxy Note7 is now no less than an explosive after few of the handsets exploded and Samsung immediately asked for a recall of the devices. After the accidents happened, Read more


Wrike is a project management software that aims to provide you with excellent project management tools by integrating work discussions, email, and to-do lists with several interesting team-enhancing features. Integration Read more


Google announces the Pixel smartphone and Pixel XL that defines the future of Android devices. According to many critics, this is Google’s take on Apple. Out of the plethora of Read more