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Angry players getting refunds for No Man's Sky game

Users who purchased the No Man’s Sky game are furious and are demanding refunds. Someplayers have reported that they have managed to receive their refunds from Steam, Amazon, GOG, PSN Read more

There is a good news for Blizzard players who love to boast their achievements and share the videos on social networking sites. Till now, players could stream their achievement or Read more

Apple releases iOS 10 Developer Beta 8 and Public Beta 7

Apple pushed two new Beta Builds of iOS 10, the Beta 8 Build for developers and Beta 7 build for Public. The Build number is 14A5346a. Rumors are speculating that Read more

Earth-like planet orbiting around our closest star Proxima Centauri

After years of research, scientists have found out the existence of an earth-like habitable planet revolving round our closest star Proxima Centauri. The planet has been named Proxima b and Read more

Honor 8 launched in Europe, priced at £369.99 in UK

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Huawei launched its high end flagship phone Honor 8 last week at $ 399 . After a week the device has been launched in Europe. It’s priced at £369.99 in Read more

Internet users may be fined huge amount for downloading movies from Torrent

There is a bad news for Internet users in India, especially those who download movies, television series from torrent. As we all know that downloading movies from torrent without purchasing Read more

Google will end Chrome app support for Windows, Mac and Linux

Google has posted in their Chromium blog that they will end support for Chrome app for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Google says that they launched the Chrome app Read more

Motorola accuses Samsung of copying 'Always-On Display' feature for Galaxy Note7

Samsung has recently unveiled its Galaxy Note 7 and has literally amazed users with its beautiful look and features. But if there is someone who is really pissed off with Read more

Uber offering free rides to self-driving cars in Pittsburgh

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Uber offering free rides to self-driving cars in Pittsburgh

Uber is offering free rides on self-driving cars by Volvo in the streets of Pittsburgh. Even though users are kind of enlightened and overwhelmed by the opportunity but its’s one Read more

Google launches Google Duo, a 1-to-1 video calling app

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Google launches Google Duo, a 1-to-1 video calling app

Google has launched a new application Google Duo which facilitates 1-1 video calling for everyone. Since video calling is widely used by users across the world, Google thought of developing Read more