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THOR is the new hybrid drone launched by Singapore University of Technology and Design can transform its type between a helicopter mode and an airplane mode. The new drone is Read more

How to Disable QR Scanner in Camera App in iOS 11?

Categories: iOS

iOS 11 has introduced a very useful feature in its Camera Roll Application. The feature is the QR Scanner. You can use this feature to scan any type of QR Read more

How To Turn Off Game Center in iOS 11?

Categories: iOS

Game Center, at the time of is inception was one of the most craved features in iOS. It was a revolutionary addition to iOS where users could play games with Read more

How to Enable Restrictions in Applications in iPhones?

Categories: iOS

In iPhones, there is a feature called Restrictions which has the same role and functions as Parental Controls of any platform has. It enables you to track the activity your Read more

DeepMind is Google’s new Artificial Intellgence Development team. The team has recently been training its AI to adapt some apparently strange walking techniques in virtual space. The new technique which Read more

Sending stickers is in vogue while chatting with our friends. We use stickers in Facebook, messengers, Snapchat and many more chat services. However, Prisma, the very popular photo editing application Read more

If you want to sell your phone, or if you are using a phone for work, which you have to return to your employer, then you need to securely erase Read more

How to Delete Your Tinder Account?

Categories: Social Media

Tinder is now the hottest app in the internet that is helping millions of people find their partner or life. If you are trying to find a partner for relationship, Read more

How to Erase Data from iPhone before Selling

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Almost everyone is concerned about the personal privacy in the modern world. There are many data criminals who can use your data to their own advantage and first of all Read more

Sequent: The kinetic self-charging smart watch for $189

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A new star in the galaxy of smartwatches is the Sequent smart watch. The device costs $189 and the manudacturer Kickstarter has high expectations from the device. It claims that Read more