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NEXTAGE : A robot that can make the best coffee

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Nextage cafe

Robot technology has improved and bifurcated in more and more varied and advanced streams and now robot is not confined within the conventional idea of performing some petty coded works. Read more

Samsung Ativ S

Samsung Ativ S has received the big update for the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update. Ativ S has not been regular in providing the updates to all its users as Read more

Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook unabashedly proclaimed that he is a gay and he is proud of it. Recently Cook severely castigated Alabama for its gay rights policy and today he Read more

HP Sprout

HP is the quintessential manufacturer of printing, scanning devices and projectors and now it seems HP is all set to establish its versatility in front of the world. So here Read more

Microsoft Band

There have been speculations about the wearable device from Microsoft since a long time and Microsoft told that this is not going to be a smart watch. Definitely there will Read more

Ara Prototype

It seems Google’s Ara Prototype project is much in progress as a new video by Phonebloks has been launched in YouTube that gives us a good idea of how the Read more

Water Bean

Water Bean is a very useful water filters that is used to purify water from bottle. It often happens that we need to refill our water bottle from outside like Read more

Zero launcher

Just now came across this new launcher for Android known as the Zero Launcher. The launcher is full of exciting features and amazing interface. The main quality that appealed me Read more

Some common issues with HTC One M8 and solutions

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HTC ONE M8 common issues

HTC One M8 is not just a flagship phone but one of the most coveted ones of recent times. The beautiful design and exquisite features add to the pulchritude of Read more

Facebook updates-new keyboard shortcut keys for your help

Since a month Facebook is being updated voraciously and a new help assistant has also been added to provide ancillary for new users. Facebook received some severe reprimands from users Read more