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Factory Reset in Android Phones might not clean format the device

We all know that running a Factory Reset in a phone means cleaning off all data from it. That’s what we do before selling an old smartphone, run a Factory Read more

Celebrities like J.K Rowling and Stephen Fry help find missing children via Twitter

Missing People charity starts the Big Tweet campaign every year where rhey tweet pictures of children who are missing. Then people retweet them and the news is circulated all over Read more

Russia threatens to block Google, Facebook and Twitter if they do not handover blogger data

Russia has threatened the social networking sites for withholding blogger data. Russia has been showing concern about the freedom that internet provides its users. According to Russia, the social networking Read more

Bendable Electronics: One step ahead of green technology with light emitting paper

While the world is trying to incorporate green technology, the advent of bendable electronics will take this revolution one step ahead. Paper costs huge numbers of trees to be chopped Read more

Katsu paints Eric Schmidt with his own poop

This is the most bizarre news right now. Art lets our spirit free and help us to indulge in creativity but this drone painter, named Katsu, took painting to a Read more

Adult Friend Finder data breach: 3.5 million users exposed

Security breach is a growing menace in the internet nowadays. From big companies database to small companies’ data security is at stake and every information is under the prying eyes Read more

Flow: Microsoft’s upcoming micro email app

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Flow: Microsoft's upcoming micro email app

Rumor is speculating that Microsoft is working on a new micro email application to be known as Flow. Reports say that Flow app is right now in the development stage Read more

Self-Curing Concrete Fettles Cracks

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Self Curing Concrete

Since the Roman times, concrete had been used as building manufacturing material and its popularity escalated gradually. Use of concrete as building materials is more in China compared to the Read more

Karan Jerath

Oil spills undersea as a result of cargo ships, oil tanks or accidents have been jeopardizing the water ecology and aquatic life since ages. Scientists could not come up with Read more

MixRadio for iOS and Android

MixRadio is a popular free music streaming service supported on Windows devices. Now the same will roll out for Android and iOS platforms as well. MixRadio was initially called as Read more