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Microsoft cut down Nokia- re-branded as Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft has long back acquired the phone business from the very famous Finnish company Nokia and had since then expresses its desire to rebrand Nokia Lumia with some other suitable Read more

a plus be whole square

Explanation of (a+b)^2 = a^2+2ab+b^2 Mathematics is fun. This simple formula is taught to us since the first days of algebra classes and is used till the end of time. Read more

MasterCard Nearby

It’s been a short time that the much anticipated Apple Pay has been launched. A new app has been released that would let users know which retail stores accept Apple Read more

Microsoft Azure Could platform

Recently Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Scott Guthrie discussed the latest enhancements made to Azure- Microsoft’ cloud platform at en event. The main subject of the event was all the Read more

iCloud Photo Library

Sources from Apple confirmed that its iCloud Photo Library will be available to all its users starting next week via an update to the iOS 8. The operating system update Read more

Internet Trolls May Face Up To Two Years In Prison Under New UK Bill

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Chris Grayling

Internet trolls have become on the internet now-a-days especially in social networking sites. But now cyber trolling in UK may have to face penalty according to the new act passed Read more

WebOS Support By HP To Be Shut Down In January

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WebOS Support By HP To Be Shut Down In January

WebOS is basically a Linux kernel based operating system which was formerly an operating system for smart TVs and also a mobile operating system. Though it was developed by Palm, Read more

Xperia Z4 To Be The Only Flagship From Sony Next Year

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Xperia Z4 To Be The Only Flagship From Sony Next Year

The new leaked specifications of the new Xperia Z4 has already surfaced on the internet since the launch of its predecessor Xperia Z3. And along with it, there also is Read more

Android homepage removed Galaxy S5 from list of devices getting Android 5.0 Lollipop

It has not been a day that Google has launched Android 5.0 Lollipop along with Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. Motorola has announced the list of its smartphones which will Read more

Sony Xperia Android Lollipop 5.0 update

With Nexus 6 Motorola committed to providing Android 5.0 update to all the devices launched during 2013 and 2014 years. Now Sony has come up with its list of smartphones Read more