Motorola Announces Moto e5 play Android Go edition

  When it is Motorola, we know that the company is always on a launch spree. Every now and then Motorola comes with phones that have convincing specification and budget fits your pocket. The company doesn't let you remain content with a phone for long It keeps on pushing devices. The

Chrome on Android To Automatically Download Articles To Read Offline

Google has always suceeded in bringing things that its userbase might want, but much before the users have thought of any such requirements. When Google brings something, we are like Whoa, we never really thought of it but it's such a great innovation. Again it, sometimes, brings certain things that

Check Out The Google Home Mini Review

If you are quite excited about experiencing a smart home ecosystem, then Google Home Mini might be the best thing to start with. The Google Home Mini is a round device and appears to be a speaker. Indeed, it is a speaker, but its functionality is not restricted to that

Google To Simplify 2 Step Verification Process for Android?

With the increasing risk of hacking and cyber crime, every online service has updated their security system with an added layer of security. The added layer of security deploys the concept of a One Time Password (OTP). We often make payments online, book tickets, create accounts on social media, use