4 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Website Save From Hackers

WordPress Security

WordPress is one of the most preferable platforms for website development. WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System), which is inherently secure, highly customizable and very easy to configure and use. That's the reason why 65-70% websites which are using CMS have WordPress as the backbone of their websites.

Google’s DeepMind AI has adapted some weird walking techniques in virtual space

DeepMind is Google's new Artificial Intellgence Development team. The team has recently been training its AI to adapt some apparently strange walking techniques in virtual space. The new technique which is under development process is known as the reinforcement learning. The reinforcement learning technique revolves round the objective of incentivizing

How to Keep Your Mac in Shape?

  Image source No gadget is immune to glitches, slowdowns, bugs or other technical problems. Macbooks can have such problems too. So, you must take care of your Macbook to keep it healthy, happy and safe. Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your Macbook in good shape: 1) Backing up

Tips for Formulating an Effective Research Question

research report

Each graduate understudy or specialist intends to consider an intriguing point, add to existing exploration in the field, and get distributed in a universal English-dialect diary. Be that as it may, relatively few creators make production progress. Original copies are regularly dismissed by diaries due to incapable introduction or poor

Mac Equipment For Gamers

As a gamer, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of equipment- you can use PC’s, Macs, and even Consoles, which run on a similar basis. And while a lot of dedicated gamers build their own setup from scratch, you can find some great stuff already available. Here is

OnePlus 5 Gold comes with new limited edition model

OnePlus is a company that has pledged to never settle. The company announced its latest flagship model OnePlus 5 back in June and started pre-orders a week later. The handsets were launched in two different colors- Slate gray and Midnight Black. However, the company has ecided to add one more

How to Block Someone from Viewing Your Instagram Story?

Instagram has introduced a concept of Instagram Story sometimes back/ The Instagram Stories comprises of Images, and Video clips from your Camera Roll. Usually, Stories depict your personal attachment with moments and images and hence you may not always want to share the stories with everyone on your list. In