The Best E-commerce Analytics Tools That You Can Use for Free

Not everyone has the money for premium e-commerce analytics so this guide is going to focus on finding the best ones that you can use for free, read on for more. Keeping an eye on your analytics is one of the most critical parts of e-commerce thanks to the less hands-on

Step By Step Method To Clean Up MacBook

Clean up MacBook Step by Step The first thing you should do when you find your MacBook to be sluggish and slow is cleaning it up. Over the time, the junk files, app leftover, user junk, internet junk, slow down your MacBook. Here is the step by step process to clean

5 Tips to creating a user-friendly website in Canada

There are many advantages to creating a user –friendly website. One of the benefits is that it determines user satisfaction. This is one of the parameters that you can use to gauge the success of your website especially in business and social aspects. Through a few tips on creating a

How to Get Ready for Essay Writing Effectively? 

Creativity requires inspiration! Even if the subject area of your essay is well familiar to you, you won’t write a worthy essay if you aren’t inspired and have no desire to work. Nevertheless, there are secret tips prepared by, allowing you to catch the inspiration and submit an A-level

5 Android Apps to Use for SEO

You have a smartphone, right? Did you know that the gadget you use for all your communication can help you a great deal when you want to improve the organic ranking of your website? Probably not! What you need to know as an SEO expert, website owner, blogger, or small business

Tips to speed up your slow running iMAC

In today’s world, speed has assumed prime significance. Especially while using technology, a slow device which takes ages to perform a single operation does not really leave you in the best of moods. So all those of you who are Apple Mac users and are pretty frustrated about the speed

How to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number?

Are you trying to find out where someone’s cell phone is located at any time based on that person’s number? You can find information on where someone is going through the Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker. The app lets you see where a person is going at any time. Cocospy works well

How to Come Up With Videos That Stand Out on Social Media

Every year the number of videos being published on social media keeps growing, and it becomes more and more competitive. With so many videos appearing on social media feeds, it is important that your videos are able to stand out – otherwise they’re likely to be skimmed over. Fortunately there are

How to Make a Voice Recognition System?

Voice recognition used to be something that they only had in the movies. Sci-fi films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey featured intelligent computers that could understand human speech. Today, it’s a reality and a feature that’s commonly found on everything from handheld phones to industrial equipment. Today, we’re going