Why Content Marketing and SEO Go Hand in Hand?

Content marketing does not take the place of SEO as many digital marketers think. Google is clear that its ranking is mainly determined by providing relevant content. The number of keywords in a page comes later. However, content marketing and SEO are almost inseparable since they overlap with each other.

Check Out The Google Home Mini Review

If you are quite excited about experiencing a smart home ecosystem, then Google Home Mini might be the best thing to start with. The Google Home Mini is a round device and appears to be a speaker. Indeed, it is a speaker, but its functionality is not restricted to that

MacX DVD Ripper Pro – Rip Any DVD to Any Format in 5 Minutes

Introduction MacX DVD Ripper applications are garnering popularity ever since the craze for DVDs is fading off. We know longer purchase movie and songs DVD. We really don't need to buy or use DVDs. With the advent of the internet, online media streaming platforms and various cloud services, DVDs are gradually

How Modern Technology Affected Our Writing Process?

How technology has improved the process of writing? Nowadays, technology is a part of our life. Many spheres of our lives were affected by innovations and changes, and the writing process is no exception. Many years ago, writers created their poems, manuscripts, and stories with quill or fountain pens, and they

Check Out The New VPN in town: Surfshark

It seems like people only recently started to understand that internet companies are after their data for a reason - it generates revenue. Fortunately, there are tools to protect your privacy. Long story short, VPN (virtual private network) is a private, controlled network. Your connection is encrypted, and that's why it's

Google To Simplify 2 Step Verification Process for Android?

With the increasing risk of hacking and cyber crime, every online service has updated their security system with an added layer of security. The added layer of security deploys the concept of a One Time Password (OTP). We often make payments online, book tickets, create accounts on social media, use

Ripple Price Predictions for 2018 | What You Need to Know

Ripple is currently the subject of great debate. Nobody is quite sure what to expect, and investors either love it or hate it. Some have seen massive return on their Ripple investments, and others have seem devastating disappointment. Despite the conflict, however, Ripple has continued to persevere towards their ultimate

Should You Build a Job Aggregator? Here’s What You Need to Know

One of the biggest problems in the job market today is that companies lack the skilled labor that they need to improve, and skilled laborers aren’t aware of the opportunities that they may have. This disconnect between hiring companies and workers is becoming a big problem. Some journalists have dubbed