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How to Play YouTube in the Background in iOS?

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YouTube is the most popular video streaming application in the world. Despite being the numero uno, there is one feature that’s not there in YouTube. YouTube does not play in Read more

Speedcoder is a web application that enables coders to type computer codes faster and more efficiently. Speedcoder is built to ameliorate the typing and coding speed of people. The web Read more

DNS Leaks: What Are the Threats and How to Prevent It?

Categories: Featured, Web

DNS Leak is a growing menace in the world of internet. But before delving into the various facet of DNS leaks, let us have an idea about DNS. What is Read more

How to Enable and Disable Two Step Verification in WhatsApp?

Categories: Android

WhatsApp has introduced a new security feature called the Two Step Verification. This feature is a new layer of security on the existing security system. It ensures you that no Read more

Sony is all set with its latest release of a new flagship device. It will be known as Yoshino. The company sent out invites for press release in the last Read more

How to Play T-Rex Game of Google Chrome in your smartphone?

Categories: iOS, News
How to Play T-Rex Game of Google Chrome in your smartphone?

Now that most of us have smartphones in our hands, we remain glued to the handsets as long as possible. the only times when we are compelled to keep away Read more

Pixel and Nexus Devices Getting New Feature called Instant Tethering

Google is introducing a new feature called Instant Tethering to Pixel and Nexus devices. Tethering is an important feature in any Android device, or rather say, any smartphone. It enables Read more

Samsung is always late when it comes to pushing the latest Android update. So many months have passed since Android Nougat has arrived in the market. Samsung has finally started Read more

Facebook has introduced a number of bots last year. Some were just for fun while others were extremely useful for users. If you own a Facebook page then Facebook bots Read more

Stanford University researchers produced a "self-extinguishing" lithium-ion battery

Lithium Ion batteries have posed a serious threat on mankind after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery mishap occurred. It was clear that no battery, however modern or potential be Read more