How To Save Your Instagram Stories in Your Phone gallery?

Instagram once followed the footsteps of Snapchat and brought Instagram Stories. But now, the Instagram Stories should not be identified as just a copy feature. It has gained immense popularity and celebrities, sportspersons and almost every user now uses Instagram Stories to create their own personal stories. Instagram Stories has now

How To Change The Theme in your Outlook Mail?

How To Change Theme in your Outlook Mail?

The new beta version of Outlook mail bring a lot of new specifications and features to its users. The Outlook Mail has a plethora of customization options that many of you might not be aware of. Theme is one such customizable feature. There is a default theme for your Outlook

How To Stop App Rating Requests On iOS?

You must have noticed if you are a smartphone user, that if an app has been installed, then request to review and rate the app pops up from time to time. This is done to increase visibility of the application in the application store. Be it Android, or iOS app,

Facebook Launches Messenger Kids App for Children

Facebook Launches Messenger Kids App for Children

Facebook has launched the new Messenger Kids application which is the facebook messenger app designed for kids. In this app, there is a provision of parental control to check your child's activity. The app is currently rolling out to iOS and will other platforms too. From features point-of-view, the

OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition Coming Soon to Stores

OnePlus company has announced that it is all geared up to launch its new Star Wars Edition of OnePlus 5T smartphone. The model has been released in November and has managed to bag several accolades for having a great combination of price and specifications. The Star Wars Edition hit, soon

How to Update Text Status in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has also introduced the Status feature which is similar to the Story feature of Snapchat. The Facebook owned company has taken after several Snapchat features and status is one of the most prominent features. The company has now ameliorated the Status menu and added more and more customization options.

It’s Official” Samsung W2018 flip Phone on the way

Just when you were thinking flip phones are to remember as nostalgia in an era of smartphones, Samsung is here with a brand new Flip phone the W2018. At an event in Xiamen, China, Samsung announced the W2018, an Android-powered flip phone with a specification that can match any flagship

Graphene for sale – market with advanced material is growing


Specialized companies offer graphene for sale. They focus mainly on the production of graphene oxide and graphene films. Although there is only a handful of companies of that kind, they provide detailed information on the “world of graphene” via their websites.   What is graphene Graphene is a thin layer of pure carbon.

3 Smart Phone Apps That Track Your Sleep & Health Habits


If I may paraphrase the words of Phil Nickinson (editor of Android Central), the smartphones, we use now for many things in our lives have become the "easiest portal" to our digital self. They’ve gone beyond being just an instrument for making calls, storing information, taking photographs or shooting short