How to Choose the Right DevOps Tools & Consulting Service?

When it comes to embracing DevOps into your business processes, it is important to choose the right consulting service and tools. The tools are specifically focused on automating software delivery processes. So when considering to switch to the more efficient model, you have to consider both the tools and DevOps

Apple Introduces New Emojis On World Emoji Day

On World Emoji Day, Apple has announced a plethora of new image characters. These characters will make their way to you with upcoming versions of iOS and Mac OS X by the end of this year. As per reports, it will be introducing over 70 new characters, as part of

Motorola Announces Moto e5 play Android Go edition

  When it is Motorola, we know that the company is always on a launch spree. Every now and then Motorola comes with phones that have convincing specification and budget fits your pocket. The company doesn't let you remain content with a phone for long It keeps on pushing devices. The

How To Create Your Own Channel on IGTV in Instagram?

Instagram has finally added a much coveted feature. Yes, you can finally create your own channel like that of YouTube and share long videos. This very new feature is called IGTV. Instagram launched this feature at a recent event in San Fransisco. IGTV allows you to capture longer videos and

Why Do We Ride Roller Coasters Even When We Are Afraid?

It is really strange to see a long queue outside roller coaster rides, even when they know they will scream the very next moment. Why can't people resist this temptation of getting scared? This is exactly the same scenario when we watch horror movies. Nowadays, complex and much dangerous roller