5 Easy Ways to Raise Brand Awareness with Instagram Stories


Most companies choose to promote their business via Instagram nowadays. While some use InstaGrowing to boost brand awareness quickly and easily, others struggle to attract new followers. One of the reasons for their shortcomings is that they misuse advertising tools like Insta Stories. In this short guide, we will show you

Facebook Is Shutting Down The Moments Photo App

facebook moments

Facebook is finally shutting down the Moments Photo app. It developed and launched the app in 2015, and the Moments app was meant for storing images, videos from your smartphones or laptops, somewhat like Google photos. Users could store their images, create moments, edit them and share them with friends.

Microsoft Recommends Users Not To Use Internet Explorer Browser

Microsoft has announced the retirement of Internet Explorer back in 2015. It has been 4 years. Keeping in mind the burgeoning pace of technology and the rapidly improving browsers, Most developers now design their apps and websites for other modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge. They literally

Digital Marketing Seo Certification: Top 7 Courses For Beginners

Digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are having an increasing number of demand. As websites become a staple to businesses and entrepreneurs, these strategies are sought after like never before. With these, you will have the ability to increase traffic to any website,  whether you apply it to yours,

The Web Design Trends To Rule 2019


Trends are never permanent. Trends tend to change from season to season, year to year. Be it news, fashion, or technology, change is the only constant. Similarly, web design trends also change with time. What is trending today may become outdated in a course of a few months. So, there

WhatsApp For iOS Adds Touch ID and Face ID Support


iOS devices have received a new update on their WhatsApp application. Users will be able to activate touch ID and Face ID on the application. This will act as a means to lock your messenger app from anyone else with the help of these two encryption methods. Sometimes, it happens

5 Things To Know About Managed Security Services


Cyber threats and cybersecurity issues are fast becoming a difficult struggle for many entrepreneurs around the world. According to recent research, there is a significant increase in hacked data from the sources that you commonly use in your office such as mobile and IoT devices. Cyber threats and cybersecurity issues

What Role Do Research & Development Play In Software Development?

r and D

When you are trying to create something unique, do not underestimate research and development as many leaders do. The importance of this process is more than high. It is a whole system that precedes the production. Any good idea will not turn into something great and successful without proper research. Research

4 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Your Instagram Posts

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If simply regularly posting fresh and interesting content on Instagram was enough to make sure your content gets into feeds life would be so much easier, but unfortunately that’s not how things work. These days Instagram includes items chosen because they are considered to be of value to others. Basically,

Eavesdropping Bug in Face Time: Apple stopped group FaceTime


Apple Facetime has encountered a serious eavesdropping bug. The bug is causing users to listen to the audio on the recipient side, while Facetiming, much before the recipient has answered the call. This is a severe case of eavesdropping and interference of privacy. The bug has been identified and confirmed by top tech news

What To Expect In A Penetration Testing Training

Penetration testing training is offered to professionals who want to improve their skills in order to deliver high-value tests. Modern techniques, methodologies, and tools used by cyber attackers will be included in the course. Having hands-on knowledge on how to attack a system gives a better understanding on how to

Honor View 20 With Fabulous Specifications Launch At Three Events

honir view 20

We have seen every smartphone getting one single launch, either a grand one or a modest one depending on the price of the phone. But, this is the first time a midrange phone is getting not one, but three launches. Huawei has planned to launch the new Honor View 20 in three different