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Blockhead Plug: A space saving solution for your Apple Wall Adapters

Ten one Design company announced a new type of plug, called the blockhead plug that consumes less space and is an accessory plug for Apple devices. The blockhead plug is designed such that its orientation is aligned with that of the wall. This design not only saves space, but also keeps provision to be fitted behind furniture. The detachable prong that comes with the Apple devices has to be replaced with this blockhead plug.

Blockhead Plug A space saving solution for your Apple Wall Adapters

Since the blockhead plug is directed downward and doesn’t strike out from the wall, it reduces the risk of cord stress and also prevents from accidental crash with someone or something. Ten One Design has specifically mentioned that the plug will be compatible with all Apple Macbook chargers and iPad chargers with some exception to some old models. The standard 60W power adapter occupies 3.8 inches of length horizontally from plug point whereas a supplied power cord will occupy 2.6 inches of length. To your pleasure, the blockhead plug will need only 1.6 inches.

Blockhead directs your cord downward at a more natural angle. It looks great and protects against cord stress. By turning your adapter sideways, Blockhead brings its center of mass closer to the wall. This means less tension on the plug and a lot less falling out

The plug will start shipping from the lastg part of April and will be priced around $19.95 for a single plug and $34.94 a “Blockhead Stack” for two plugs.

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