5 Best Practices for Effective System Administration

IT administrators are constantly faced with the growing need to ensure seamless system and network integration. This involves managing various key processes, services, networks, software installations and other administrative tasks. Understanding the functionalities of every key administrative task and the best practices is key to successful system administration. Here are the

4 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Website Save From Hackers

WordPress Security

WordPress is one of the most preferable platforms for website development. WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System), which is inherently secure, highly customizable and very easy to configure and use. That's the reason why 65-70% websites which are using CMS have WordPress as the backbone of their websites.

5 ways social media will boost your small business

Over the past decade or so social media has had a tremendous impact on the way we lead our lives. While some obstinately refuse to engage to any significant extent, many more are embracing its potential for instant communication. As a networking tool it is unparalleled in its ability to

5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business’es Credibility

The internet is flooded with the remnants of websites, blogs and ecommerce shops that were once hoped to make their owners rich. Unfortunately, for most this didn’t work out. Setting up your site and consolidating your business idea is one thing, but how do you convert this into success? In

HDKey-World’s first phone-to-phone charger by WaferLabs

HDKey-World's first phone-to-phone charger by WaferLabs

As technology is progressing, the world is presenting us a cornucopia of latest high end gadgets and smartphones. But whatever amazing features these phones might have, one thing that has literally pulled back technology is the constraint in battery. HDKey by WaferLabs is the first phone-to-phone charger. This device will