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How to check which devices are signed into your Google Account?

Nowadays, we use so many devices simultaneously that the chance of your Google Account getting corrupted is high. We have laptops, desktops of both home and office, two three smartphones and it doesn’t stop here. We tend to exchange gadgets, log in with other devices when we travel and for tech reviewers like us things are bit more difficult. We have to use smartphones to write reviews and then get another. Such a varied support of platforms have got its own pros and cons. Google’s single login feature is a boon but careless use might turn it into a bane. So how will you know if you account is secured and someone else is not interfering in it?

1. First login to your current device with Google Account.

2. Go to Google’s Security and Activity page. If you are logged in, the page will instantly show the connected devices.

How to check which devices are signed into your Google Account

3. If you find any suspicious device, tap on it and a drop down list will appear. tap on Remove. None of my devices are suspicious but I am just showing you the technique.

Remove device

This is all you need to do.
Google has launched the two way verification which will require you to enter a password first and then enter the OTP which will be sent to you by Google every time you login. This setting is extremely important and you can find it in the Secure you account link provided in the Security and Activity page link given above.

How to check which devices are signed into your Google Account? - Last modify: February 15th, 2015, Author: Debaleena
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  • afeesbhai

    I have the same problem. i can’t get into my google account from my desktop. i will definitely try this one. This is a good idea, i was not known about it, thanks for the article.