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An ex-Sony engineer left his name inside every PlayStation 4 code

Today we came across this unique and interesting incident about this person named Kazuya Sakakihara. He was a software engineer at Sony who left the company in 2014. But what has made him popular is that before leaving the company he kept his name in the code of every PlayStation 4.

An ex-Sony engineer left his name inside every PlayStation 4 code

Previously there has been such cases where engineers have kept their names in codes but till now the case have remain confined in the comment section. This is the first ever incident where the engineer has crafted his name in the code itself.

The image provided by Chris Gallizzi shows the name of the engineer ” Kazuyaa Sakakihara” which has an extra A added with his original name. This extra A is assumed to be a measure taken to keep the program running. So every PS4 has Kazuya’s full name on the HDD code without annotations.

An ex-Sony engineer left his name inside every PlayStation 4 code - Last modify: November 12th, 2014, Author: Anik
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  • puput novelis

    Intelligent engineer, before leaving the company he left a trail.
    What action was taken Sony over this incident? Whether to draw all the PS4 then replace the source code?

    • Reyes P.

      Still no official statement from Sony on this issue. I don’t think they should bother.. It’s no way hampering the User Experience (the signature is of course not visible to end users).

  • hugobg

    Everyone wants a piece of fame, same goes with developers. Working for a big company like Sony isn’t a joke after all, so I guess he wanted to leave his “mark” before making his move out.

    Did he got somehow punished?

  • Alex Zarras Veto

    Apparently making an easter egg wasn’t enough. In the old days programmers usually used their names on cheat/codes of games, but now has to be in the code too -.-