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Facebook forcing users to download Moments app

Facebook is yet another time forcing users to download another app of the company Moments. The first time was when Facebook made it mandatory for users to install the Messenger app in order to chat with other Facebook users. Now it’s turn for Moments app. You might have known that Facebook had introduced the photo syncing feature where users could sync the photos on a private album. This feature on one hand could backup photos, and on the other hand let users upload their photos whenever and wherever they want.

Facebook forcing users to download Moments app

Facebook has now removed the photo syncing features and is prompting users to install and use Moments. Initially it was presumed that their past photos that have been synced with Facebook will remain forever. But the misconception broke when Facebook started alerting its users to install Moments in order to save their synced photos and also notified if they don’t use Moments, the synced photos will not be saved forever. So in other words, the social media is compelling users to install and use another product of itself.

Users will have time up to July 7 to shift their photos from Facebook photo sync to Moments. Anyone who uses Facebook’s auto sync feature, will need to make the big leap to Moments by the mentioned date or download a zip file of their synced photos. Otherwise, they’re going to disappear.




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