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Facebook Privacy settings revamped

Facebook has a large number of security and privacy settings. The settings are so wide ranged that mist users can’t imagine. This lack of knowledge makes things go wrong. Users post wrong things in wrong place, shares wrong posts with wrong audience and finally gun point is towards Facebook. Facebook is not okay this this blames and hence has revamped its features and will guide you every now and then whenever you share a post.

Facebook Privacy settings revamped

1. Facebook allows you freedom in choosing audience of your posts to a great extent. You can keep it completely private and share only with yourself, or friends, groups, public or with certain sets of viewers. You can exclude certain friends from viewing your posts also. Hence from now on, it will prompt users what their current post setting is and will ask if they like to change it.

2. Facebook will check the interlinked app where you logged in using your Facebook login credentials. It will show the privacy settings for each individual app and you can alter them anytime.
3. It will ask you to check or change privacy level for settings like age, relationship status, phone number, work, current location etc.

All these will be prompted by a tool that will pop up and introduce itself as your new guide. If you have the faintest memory of “Clippy” the personal assistant of MS Word. Similarly the tool will introduce itself and guide you thoroughly.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Privacy settings revamped - Last modify: September 7th, 2014, Author: Anik
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