Making Your WordPress Site Social: Must-have Plugins


If you are a website owner, most probably you are aware of the search engine optimization term or SEO. If not, we recommend you read top WordPress SEO tips. However, there is one more thing that keeps equal importance in driving traffic to your site and that is social media optimization.

What VPN Should You Use on Your Mac?


VPNs have been in existence for many years now but only around 2017 and 2018 did they become really popular. This surge in popularity in VPNs coincided with the period where various countries have implemented various internet surveillance laws and various corporations such as Facebook were found to extensively track

6 Speaker brands every DJ should be aware of in 2018


In order to identify some of the best DJ speaker brands on the market today, there are a few things DJs should consider. First, they should check if the speaker is active or passive, its power usage, portability, and their budget. But most importantly, they should watch out for the

5 Ways You Can Protect Your Privacy Online As a Student

responsibility of student

Online privacy has been a hot button issue for a while now, the most recent example being inquiries about user data on Facebook. The truth is, privacy has always been an issue, even in the early days of the Internet. Make no mistake about it: people are watching what you

Ways Technology Can Help You Manage Personal Finances

We are living in the era of cutting-edge technology and there is an application or software for each of your tasks to get things done more effectively. Especially, when it comes to manage personal finances, there are a lot of ways technology can help you in doing so greatly. Since,

Table Lift for a DIY Kitchen Desk

table lift

DIY projects are popular among people of all ages nowadays. The process of creating or building something by yourself gives you a chance to develop some practical skills while saving a considerable amount of money. What is more important, DIY projects are flexible and allow you to customize whatever you construct.

3 Tips for Better Team-Building Activities

team building

People have differing opinions on the importance of team building—or lack thereof. Some employees love it because it’s a chance to shake things up in the workplace and communicate with colleagues outside of regular job duties. Others may feel less enthusiastically in favor, perhaps feeling it’s a waste of time

How to be vigilant against online fraudsters

beware of online fraudsters

Unfortunately, the battle against online fraud shows no sign of ending. In fact, online hackers and scammers are constantly locked in a battle of wits against their targets, so even the biggest and most powerful companies need to be on their guard at all times to avoid getting caught out.

How to watch the English Premier League online

english premier league

The English Premier League is an incredibly popular spectacle around the world, with 20 of England’s elite clubs doing battle each year for one of football’s biggest prizes. However, not everyone has easy, unobstructed access to live Premier League matches, so this article explains how you can watch any match,

Tracking Growth Through Customer Communication


What is the one thing that is behind every successful business? Customers. Whether you are a big box retailer, a mom-and-pop store, or an e-commerce platform and online store, customers are your bread-and-butter. Understanding your customer is the quickest way to grow your business. You can track growth through sales, traffic,

How Technology Affects Your Sleep?

how eyes affect mobile

We’ve all heard it: stay away from your phones or tablets or laptops or risk your melatonin levels being suppressed which will lead you to struggles in your sleep. In fact, you will always hear how negative technology is to your sleep and why you should run away from it.

Why Tracking Apps Have Become Popular Among Parents?


Teenagers enter into a new phase of their life and they are on a full spree to discover their life amid adventure and frolic. Teenage is inevitable and this is the time where children experience the most drastic change of their life. From feeling confident, learning new things, experiencing freedom,