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How to Shop Better with Social Media

Categories: Featured, Social Media

  Social media has transformed our lives big time. We spend a lot of time on social media – some statistics suggest an average person spends five years of their Read more

When your child has his/her own Android device, they are free to talk to whoever they want. You may assume that your child only talks to his/her friends while texting Read more

Today’s technology lets us do everything on the go with the help of our cell phones. We can check our email, shop, do online banking, and many more things, as Read more

Source:   A solid content strategy has already been established as one of the digital marketing staples. This is a field that evolves all the time, however. Today, building Read more

If you ask a blogger, writer or any other person taking great care of content safety which plagiarism tool they use, they would hardly mention Unplag. In most cases you Read more

Phone screen lock is the basic type of security in any smartphone. We all know that there are several types of securities that can be used to lock a phone. Read more

How To Check iCloud Activation Lock Status for your iPhone

  Is it necessary to know the iCloud activation lock status using official iCloud Checker, right before you purchase a used iPhone or iPad? We will try to give an Read more

Why Is PDF The Best File Format?

Categories: Featured, TechEntice Byte

Portable Document Format or as everybody know it PDF, is the most popular file format in the world. What makes this format so special is the fact that it is Read more

DNS Leaks: What Are the Threats and How to Prevent It?

Categories: Featured, Web

DNS Leak is a growing menace in the world of internet. But before delving into the various facet of DNS leaks, let us have an idea about DNS. What is Read more

There is always a need to edit documents to meet up to certain standards in order to become presentable for business, office, presentation etc. Fortunately, PDF document which is the Read more