Professional Editing at its best: The Retouchme way!


What is the meaning of a good photograph without good editing? Yes, editing is as much important for photography as the kind of camera you are using for clicking a picture. This enhances the photograph and adds a more professional touch. There are professionals who are into a full-time business

Graphene for sale – market with advanced material is growing


Specialized companies offer graphene for sale. They focus mainly on the production of graphene oxide and graphene films. Although there is only a handful of companies of that kind, they provide detailed information on the “world of graphene” via their websites.   What is graphene Graphene is a thin layer of pure carbon.

4 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Website Save From Hackers

WordPress Security

WordPress is one of the most preferable platforms for website development. WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System), which is inherently secure, highly customizable and very easy to configure and use. That's the reason why 65-70% websites which are using CMS have WordPress as the backbone of their websites.

3 Smart Phone Apps That Track Your Sleep & Health Habits


If I may paraphrase the words of Phil Nickinson (editor of Android Central), the smartphones, we use now for many things in our lives have become the "easiest portal" to our digital self. They’ve gone beyond being just an instrument for making calls, storing information, taking photographs or shooting short

What is the best laptop to buy this holiday?


The holiday season is once more here with us. There are many offers in shops and stores and if you are thinking of buying a good laptop under $800, what choices do you have? What brands are available for this kind of a price? What are some of the factors

What Are Aspect Ratios and How to Adjust Them?

Aspect ratio is an important parameter in analysing the image quality of a digital image, films. Aspect ratios find enormous use in a wide variety of fields ranging from video resolution, TV screen,  digital image processing, remote sensing, projectors, cameras, etc. Find more about projectors and display technology. By definition, aspect ratio