Check Out The Google Home Mini Review

If you are quite excited about experiencing a smart home ecosystem, then Google Home Mini might be the best thing to start with. The Google Home Mini is a round device and appears to be a speaker. Indeed, it is a speaker, but its functionality is not restricted to that

FitBit Launches ‘Ace’, a Wearable Fitness Band For Children

Good health is the primordial need of human being for a happy life. Owing to extreme pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, huge work pressure, social competition and inclination towards social media and smartphones, health takes a back seat. Keeping track of our activity and health is of prime importance. Technology companies have

Honor 7C Priced at $140 Officially Debuts in China

There was a lot of expectations from the upcoming Honor 7C ever since it unveiled the facial recognition feature. Many speculations have been made regarding specifications, price, launch date and so on. The company has finally raised the curtain from the new Honor 7C and presented the smartphone in front

Airtame: the Ultimate Destination For Platform Independent Casting

Casting is the future projections on different computers, TV and visual screens. The cutting edge technology behind casting has reached a new height with wireless casting. Wireless casting is available for almost all high end media casting devices, but there is a limitation. The limitation is on the platform dependency.

Top 3 Gadgets to Look Forward to in 2018

2017 was a big year. Not just for politics and human rights, but for gadgets as well. We were ceremoniously showered with the latest and greatest from the tech world. From the Nintendo Switch and the iPhone X, to a host of new, impossibly thin but equally powerful laptops. We

Matrix Unveils Its Battery-Free Smartwatch and IoT Platform

Matrix is one such company that has gained accolades for manufacturing battery less smart watches. The first one from this line up is PowerWatch and the consequent watch is PowerWatch X. The attribute that sets apart PowerWatch X from all other watches or even its predecessor is that it deploys

OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition Coming Soon to Stores

OnePlus company has announced that it is all geared up to launch its new Star Wars Edition of OnePlus 5T smartphone. The model has been released in November and has managed to bag several accolades for having a great combination of price and specifications. The Star Wars Edition hit, soon

It’s Official” Samsung W2018 flip Phone on the way

Just when you were thinking flip phones are to remember as nostalgia in an era of smartphones, Samsung is here with a brand new Flip phone the W2018. At an event in Xiamen, China, Samsung announced the W2018, an Android-powered flip phone with a specification that can match any flagship