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Google Copresence: A Short Range File Transfer Service

Google is reportedly coming up with a new communication service called Google Copresence which will make easy to share files, pictures, documents and other data with other devices nearby. This service is supposedly a cross platform one, totally contactless and uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for the purpose of file transfer. The Bluetooth is used for the authentication of the device whereas data transfers take place over the Wi-Fi.

Google Copresence: A Short Range File Transfer Service

This service is aimed at users who need to share large amount of data with the other without having the need to wait for the cloud to do it. And also in a world, where cloud leaks have become a security issue Google Copresence service will be highly welcomed in Android as well as in other platforms too.
Although the launch date of the new Google service is yet not known it is assumed that it will take place in the same time when Android rolls out its latest version, i.e., 5.0 Lollipop.

Google Copresence: A Short Range File Transfer Service - Last modify: November 3rd, 2014, Author: Anik
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