Detox Foot Pads: Myths Busted

detox foot pad

Detox foot pads have been in the news since few months. The pads claim to drag out the toxins from your body and make you a healthier person. You can find detox pads in almost every online retail websites. These pads are getting sold like hot cakes. In this article, we have collected

What Is Microblading Of Eyebrows?


Makeup has now reached a new zenith with the accompanying techniques and technologies. Makeup technology and cosmetic surgery are breaking records one after the other and achieving new milestones everyday. While in present day makeup trend, eyebrows have got a special place. People are going crazy over dark eyebrows, colored eyebrows

Table Lift for a DIY Kitchen Desk

table lift

DIY projects are popular among people of all ages nowadays. The process of creating or building something by yourself gives you a chance to develop some practical skills while saving a considerable amount of money. What is more important, DIY projects are flexible and allow you to customize whatever you construct.

How Smartphone Screens Are Killing Our Eyeballs?

eye damage due to blue light of phones

Using smartphones can ruin your eyes- we have heard this from many people of our life and it feels ridiculous to hear this again and again. But unfortunately, it is true. That is what scientists have discovered from researches. Smartphone screens are powered by blue light which has been found

Why Does Paper Cut Hurt Us So Terribly?

It once happened to me when I was a kid. I loved reading story books. As i was completing reading one page and was about to flip to the next page, I was unintentionally sliding my index finger across the edge of the page in a to and fro motion.

Pesticides Are Tormenting The Intelligence Of HoneyBees

Honeybees are cute, hard working and a bit scary too. But these are not the only attributes that define a honeybee. The most impressive feature is the conundrum hidden inside their incredible brain. The brains of honeybees and bumble bees are amazing creation of god. In such small creatures, the

Why We Don’t Sleep Even When We Are Sleepy?

It's 1:40 AM in the night. Karen went to bed at 11:30 PM of the previous day. She was hoping to end this nightmare of sleepless nights finally. But she made the ultimate big mistake. She just decided to check her Facebook notifications for once. She only scrolled through some