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How To Find A Tab With High CPU Usage On Chrome And Firefox

Web browsers are no longer the same that they used to be in the past. Browsers have ameliorated to a great extent. Apart from the plethora of new features and user interfaces that has been incorporated in the browsers, the speed of browsing has greatly improved. While these web browsers are greatly efficient at keeping up with technology they face few issues like memory leaks and high CPU usage. If you keep any browser tab open for a longer period of time, it will start consuming more and more memory. So one potential solution is closing the browser. It’s likewise for a tab with high CPU usage. So modern browsers allow you to close the browsertab that consumes high CPU storage. You do not have to exit from the application.

Now let’s have look on how to identify which tab comsunes the largest CPU memory. Here we shall see this for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Google Chrome is a versatile application. It has its very own task manager. If you are using Windows operating system, if you open the task manager you will find multiple instances of the Chrome browser. There is an instance for each tab that is opened on Chrome. If Windows isn’t reporting memory or CPU usage correctly, or you don’t see all your tabs you can use the Chrome Task Manager.

So, first open a Chrome window and tap on Shift+Esc to open the task manager. You will find a list of all tabs you have open, and all extensions you have installed in your browser. Now you have to sort them by high-to-low usage. Pick out the tab with high CPU usage and click End Process to close it.


Firefox doesn’t have its own task manager like Chrome. However, irefox does have a built-in tool to find performance stats for tabs and add-ons. Open Firefox and type the following in the address bar.

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