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How to Send Self-Destructing Photos on Instagram?

Instagram has been in the news since few months not because of the features it is releasing but because it never fails to copy a single feature from Instagram. Be it the concept of Story or something else Instagram prefers to follow the footstep of Snapchat. The new feature that the photo sharing social media has copied is the Self-Destructing Photos. Self-Destructing Photos on Instagram is a feature that allows you to send photos to your friends via Messenger of Instagram. Once the recipient of the photos has seen the images, the photos get deleted automatically. This is the concept of self-destruction. One interesting aspect of self-destruction photos is that, if the recipient captures screenshot, you will get notified that your contact has captured a screenshot of your photo.

self-destructing photos

The feature has not been announced, but has come up with a bug fixing update.
The following tutorial will show you how to send self destructing images on Instagram

Steps to Send Self-Destructing Photos on Instagram

1. Open Instagram app from your phone. First navigate to your Home page. At the top right corner of the screen, you will find the link to Direct Messages.

2. Now tap on the camera button in the DM screen, located at the bottom of the screen.


3. Now capture a photo. It still doesn’t enable you to choose images from Gallery. Now tap on the sent button to send images.


4. Once you have sent the image, it will be there till your friend has read it.

5. If a recipient has captured the screenshot, you will get notifications. The notification will be “You sent a photo. Screenshot”. This means that the photo you sent has been screen captured.


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