How To Stop App Rating Requests On iOS?

You must have noticed if you are a smartphone user, that if an app has been installed, then request to review and rate the app pops up from time to time. This is done to increase visibility of the application in the application store. Be it Android, or iOS app,

How to Disable QR Scanner in Camera App in iOS 11?

iOS 11 has introduced a very useful feature in its Camera Roll Application. The feature is the QR Scanner. You can use this feature to scan any type of QR codes. Despite being an important addition in iOS 11, the feature has not come linto limelight. The scanner can not

How To Disable Face ID From The Lock Screen In iOS 11?

face ID

Face ID is the latest biometric authentication feature introduced by Apple in its upcoming iPhone X. The new iPhone X will deploy facial recognition technology named as Face ID to unlock the iPhone. When you look into the phone, the phone recognizes your (owner) face and the phone gets unlocked

How To Turn Off Game Center in iOS 11?

Game Center, at the time of is inception was one of the most craved features in iOS. It was a revolutionary addition to iOS where users could play games with friends. Games like Fruit Ninja gained its popularity from the G was, at one, revolutionary. It allowed users to play

How to Enable Restrictions in Applications in iPhones?

In iPhones, there is a feature called Restrictions which has the same role and functions as Parental Controls of any platform has. It enables you to track the activity your kids are performing on the handsets and thereby control the way they handle apps. Cyber crime is is increasing at

How To Check iCloud Activation Lock Status for your iPhone?

How To Check iCloud Activation Lock Status for your iPhone

  Is it necessary to know the iCloud activation lock status using official iCloud Checker, right before you purchase a used iPhone or iPad? We will try to give an answer to this question in this short article. As you may know, the iCloud activation lock is one of the security mechanisms

How to Play YouTube in the Background in iOS?


YouTube is the most popular video streaming application in the world. Despite being the numero uno, there is one feature that's not there in YouTube. YouTube does not play in background and this lack of feature is severely annoying. While playing video, if you press the lock button, or exit

How To Manage 3D Touch Sensitivity On Your iPhone?

iPhones come with a plethora of touch sensitivities. For example, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has brought the taptic feedback sensor in addition to the pressure sensor and capacitive sensor. 3D touch on iPhones is one such touch sensor that responds to the pressure applied on the screen. not everyone