MyMedia – A Great Download Manager App for iPhone

As a uniquely powerful file manager, MyMedia accomplished more than its obligated mandate. Exported files can be manipulate in numerous ways, giving you the best experience in whatever you pursue through it. With the latest updates, document viewing has never been easier. Regardless of the format, MyMedia will power through html,

Google Lens Coming To iOS Users in Coming Weeks

Google Lens is a Photo analysis application that can retrieve information from an image and provide it to its users. The Android devices have already received the update. If you hav the updated Google Photos app, then you must have discovered the Google Lens icon at the bottom. If you

How To Repost An Instagram Post in Android and iOS?

Instagram is the biggest photo sharing social platform where billions of users share their photographs and selfies with each other. Instagram is such a big platform where celebrities, sport persons, politicians and even big companies and business hubs take part and share posts. Sometimes, we come across certain beautiful posts

How To Add New Languages To Dictionary on iOS?

As you know Apple iPhones are globally available, it is obvious that people from different countries speaking different languages use Apple devices. When you first set up your phone, you have to set a language. This language becomes your default language and this language is also your keyboard language. But

How To Disable Background App Refresh in iOS 11?

Background App Refresh in iOS is an important feature that enables a user to manage the ability of background functioning of a particular application. For example, you have noticed application providing you real time notifications about the latest offers, deals or other alerts. This means that the application is actually

How To Disable HEIC Format of Images in iOS 11?

HEIC is the acronym for High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC). HEIC or HEIF file format is nothing but an image container format that can contain twice the amount of information stored in a JPEG image of the same size. So, HEIC photos save huge space in your iPhone. As