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Kim Dotcom wins case, gets back all Megaupload data

Megaupload is one of the world’s most popular file sharing website which was closed on accusation of support towards piracy. The site was immediately shut down and the owner Kim Dotcom was arrested. The case started from 2012 and Kim had maid several petitions for claim of innocence. Along with Kim Dotcom, another programmer Bram van der Kolk was also arrested and all the data of Megaupload along with electronic data was seized by the FBI.

Kim Dotcom wins case, gets back all Megaupload data

After almost two years later, Kim Dotcom has won and the company has got back its registration. It was really a big victory for Kim Dotcom and not only did his company earn back registration, they could also get back the entire set of data that has been hacked by FBI. According to sources Dotcom will get all data clones back unencrypted. The Court of Appeal nominated two New Zealand police officers who will be given permission to carry any/all encryption codes. Accorrding to them,”…maintain the confidentiality of any and all encryption codes provided to me; will not transmit the encryption codes electronically; and will not disclose the encryption codes to any other person or any other party, and in particular to any representative of the Government of the United States of America.”

Source: The New Zealand Herald

Kim Dotcom wins case, gets back all Megaupload data - Last modify: September 10th, 2014, Author: Anik
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  • clixada

    Amazing news, i so happy . I love megaupload.

  • kundan bavkar

    very intresting news . gooood nice .

  • Amit Thakur

    i am read this story and i found the morel of story is never die your truth , the story tell us megaupload is not a site its more than, its a complete package of knowledge. so i enjoy its,

  • sajith

    they should try to resolve the issue at the earliest and should re-assume the program to provide new openings to beginners.

  • Cristil Tania

    I read the article about Kim Dotcom carefully.
    I find it very informed.
    Megaupload is one of the world’s most popular file sharing website
    and could not be closed without solid evidence.
    Glad Kim Dotcom won process and making it active.

  • Mandeep Sandhu

    Very poorly handled case from the start. Hope it just gets chucked out
    but i cant see the U.S backing down even if they loose or it does get
    chucked out. They will just appeal as many times as possible.

  • Simon Davis

    This is awesome news. Megaupload was one of the best filesharing sites, and I thought he would lose the case for sure! Congrats Mr. Dotcom!

  • Congratulations to Kim Dotcom who have won this case, I hope the future Megaupload file sharing website can be the best, and that certainly makes the data more secure about the privacy of its users.

  • Mdogo Mhawer

    I watched with great interest the process, Kim Dotcom was arrested even being innocent, he fought hard, but finally managed to prove his innocence.

  • violet george

    to prove not guilty is the real deal and Kim Dotcom has managed to do it successfully. Well done did manage to get justice finally. Wish good luck in the future