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The Linux powered Rubik's Cube solving bot is world's fastest

Two guys named Jay Flatland and Paul Rose have set world record in Guinness Book of World Record for inventing a robot that is capable of solving Rubik’s cube in Read more

Install RHEL 6.6 on Mac OS X

Oracle VM VirtualBox is a virtualization software that helps you to install different types of supported guest operating systems on your Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris host machines. Read more

How to mount remote File System using SSHFS?

Categories: Linux, OS X
How to mount remote File System using SSHFS?

If you are running a website or working in a development project where you repeatedly need to upload files to your remote VPS or dedicated server file systems, you may Read more

Intel announces Compute Stick. What is it?

Categories: Android, Gadgets, Linux, News
Intel announces Compute Stick. What is it?

CES 2015 has seen Intel announcing its Compute stick. Now what is this compute stick we are talking about? The device is just like an ARM but with some differences Read more

Microsoft Azure Could platform

Recently Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Scott Guthrie discussed the latest enhancements made to Azure- Microsoft’ cloud platform at en event. The main subject of the event was all the Read more

WebOS Support By HP To Be Shut Down In January

Categories: Linux, News
WebOS Support By HP To Be Shut Down In January

WebOS is basically a Linux kernel based operating system which was formerly an operating system for smart TVs and also a mobile operating system. Though it was developed by Palm, Read more

ArChon Hack

Google has officially declared that now we can run Android Apps on Chrome OS device with ArChon Hack but the current implementation is a little disappointing. Firstly only a few Read more

How to make a file / folder hidden in Ubuntu?

Categories: Linux
Hide files and directories in ubuntu

Hidden Files / Directories in Ubuntu are those directories whose contents are usually not displayed by default. Name of these kind of files / directories starts with . (dot). They Read more

How to Disable / Remove Ubuntu Guest Session Account?

Categories: Linux
Disable Guest Session Account in Ubuntu

Ubuntu and Linux Mint possess a feature known as “Guest Session” account, which almost anyone and everyone can log in from the login screen itself– no password demanded for. This Read more

How to Create a Wireless Ad-Hoc Network in Ubuntu?

Categories: Linux
Create ad hoc in Ubuntu

A wireless ad hoc network is a deconcentrate kind of wireless network. The network is ad hoc since it does not depend upon a formerly subsisting substructure, such as routers Read more