How To Enable Double Tap To Lock On Any Android Phone?

Double tap has been an old method to lock Android phones. This is nothing new. Double lock is the simplest gesture used to lock your screen. People who have large sized ndroid devices, often find it difficult to reach out the power button with single hand. So, a double

Check Out The Top 5 uses of mobile spy apps

Has anyone noticed the growing popularity of mobile spy apps these days? And if have you wondered the reason for it? The world we live in is increasingly becoming digital and the cell phones that we use are no exception. The smartphones used by people today are highly advanced which

Coolpad Defiant with Android 7.0 comes on T-Mobile for $100

A couple of months ago, it was leaked that a new device will be hitting the market soon with T-Mobile. The device has been announced finally. It was anticipated that the device will come with Android 7.0 Nougat version. Now the device has been unveiled. It's is the new Coolpad

Oculus Rift now officially supports Room-scale VR with three sensors

Room-scale VR is not a new concept. It has been found in HTC Vive even since its launch but in Oculus Rift, the room-scale VR made its inception along with the Touch controllers back in December. Initially, the Rift room-scale capabilities were provided as an experimental feature to headsets with

Samsung announces VR Live Pass

Samsung Electronics has announced the upcoming VR Live Pass on Gear VR, the quintessential live entertainment partnerships with the UFC®, X Games and Live Nation. The comoany will be streaming selective live events for fans across the globe. People can see the immersive virtual reality broadcasts of their favorite action

China to Launch its country-made rival of Wikipedia in 2018

Wikipedia is the best source of knowledge at present on the internet. Be it historical facts, geograhical topography, political figures or entertainment personalities, Wikipedia has anything and everything. From education to art, from awards to books, there are very few things that are not on Wikipedia. But, this one quality