How to Recover Photos from Samsung Galaxy s7/s5/s3/s2

Though technology has made it easy for people to retrieve their lost photos and videos thanks to the development of new programs, the same technology has failed numerous people in return. It is therefore advisable to choose and use a program that not only guarantees the safety of your Samsung

How to transfer apps from Android to Android?


Did you buy a brand new LG G4 or Lenovo K8 or Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Well, that would feel really amusing for the moment since these new smartphones have so much more to offer. But you might be wondering how to transfer the apps from your previous Android to the

Google’s DeepMind AI has adapted some weird walking techniques in virtual space

DeepMind is Google's new Artificial Intellgence Development team. The team has recently been training its AI to adapt some apparently strange walking techniques in virtual space. The new technique which is under development process is known as the reinforcement learning. The reinforcement learning technique revolves round the objective of incentivizing

Apple collaborating with LG for manufacturing foldable iPhones

Apple is collaborating with LG over manufacturing foldable iPhones. LG is a shining star in the sky of display manufacturers and hence the Cupertino based tech giant has decided to rely on LG. Till now Apple had been relying on Samsung for its copious ranges of OLEDs. This might seem

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hands On Review

Samsung made a mess with Note 7, that we all know. The Note 7 series turned out to be no less than explosive and the handsets exploded. Hence, the Note 8 has been an enormously brave step taken by Samsung. So, the first big thing is that it doesn't explode.

How To Use The Status Feature in WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp had intriduced the Snapchat like Story concept under the name Status few months ago. the feature, initially considered as a copy of Snapchat, has been accepted finally by users. The feature is undoubtedly a great platform o sharing your thoughts, images with only those close to your heart. However,

Google refunding advertisers after fake traffic snafu

Google's parent company Alphabet has recently issued a notice to the advertisers and marketers that the amount they have paid to show ads on certain websites have fallen prey to fake traffic. This implies that some malicious bots were being used to create fake traffic. This is nothing but a