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OnePlus 5 to become the thinnest flagship smartphone, says CEO Pete Lau

We have seen most of the top companies keep their mouth shut before the launch of any flagship device. They keep their devices as top secrets and doesn’t spill the beans until the launch. But OnePlus has never followed this path. They have always preferred walking the otherway round. The company has been vocal about their upcoming projects, plans new devices and their special features. Recently the CEO of the comoany Pete Lau has announced that the upcoming OnePlus 5 will be the thinnest flagship device.

Despite this, there has been several leaks about the device. The recent one was leaked in April that a new device is on the way. It was later confirmed that a new evice will be launched very recently. The CEO has finally spoken about the device OnePlus 5. He also mentioned that the successor of OnePlus 3T is going to become the thinnest flagship device in the market. He made the announcement in a social media site Weibo. He also said the the sleek design will not compensate the quality and build of the phone. Many companies had previously tried pushing thin phones but it compromised with the battery. OnePlus 5 will not do not any such thing.

The leaked specs said that the device will be sporting it will also have 8GB RAM, 4000mAh battery, and dual camera setup on the rear. The device will revamp its looks and remove the antenna lines that were so prominent on the OnePlus 3 and 3T. OnePlus devices are exquisite and efficient and are available at a much lower price.

OnePlus 5 to become the thinnest flagship smartphone, says CEO Pete Lau - Last modify: June 22nd, 2017, Author: Anik
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