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Nikon to launch DSLR D7500 This Summer at $1250

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To all those connoisseurs of photography, here’s a big news for you. Nikon, a company that needs no introduction, has announced that it will be launching the all new D7500 Read more

Gmail is one of the biggest email clients in the world. With billions and billions of active users, Gmail is also one of the most used mail services. Being a Read more

With the progress in mobile phone’s technology, nowadays slimmer and thinner devices are arriving the market. The screen along with the body of the device are getting so thin that Read more

We will elaborate today the issue of iCloud activation lock and the possible unlock methods that can be used to successfully deal with it. Currently, it is recommended that you Read more

Age of Empires: Castle Siege Comes to Android Devices

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Age of Empires: Castle Siege Comes to Android Devices

This is indeed a great news for fans of the famous game Age of Empires. The game Age of Empires: Castle Siege that has been reigning over the Windows platform- Read more

Google Chrome version 48 comes with a new feature that automatically refreshes your webpages that are opened on your browser for a long time. If you have opened a set Read more

Gmail users who receive hundreds of emails throughout the day must be well aware of spam and malicious emails. Many emails come camouflaged as authentic emails which at times become Read more

Nowadays, we use internet a lot especially the social media platforms. Using social media also indulges in taking part in group discussions, debates and Q&A solving in online forums. There Read more

Nowadays we use frequently use the online payment option for shopping, booking tickets, recharging our mobile phone balance etc. So, we keep on getting confirmations, billing statements from online shopping Read more

Telegram messenger app has recently revamped itself with a major feature update- voice calls. Telegram users can now voice calls with other Telegram users just like WhatsApp. The version that Read more