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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bends just like iPhone 6 Plus: Bendgate 2.0?

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were revealed at the MWC 2015. There are a lot of expectations from the two flagship phones and various US carriers have started pre-order sale of the devices. In the meantime, let’s remind you about iPhone 6 Plus Bend Gate massacre. The highly resplendent piece of gadgets was found to bend while being kept inside users pockets. Even though the numbers were almost negligible, yet Apple received tremendous vituperation from other technology giant. Now the much coveted Galaxy Edge is the new member of the Bendgate community. Speculations say that Bendgate v 2.0 has arrived holding hands with the upcoming latest flagship device from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bends just like iPhone 6 Plus: Bendgate 2.0?

The toleration test was carried out by SquareTrade, which unveiled that Galaxy S6 bends just as easily as an iPhone 6 Plus. SquareTrade carried out the test on three flagship phones- the iPhone 6 Plus, HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The iPhone 6 Plus was put under 110 lbs of pressure at which the pin bent. When the same pressure was applied on S6 Edge the phone not only bent, but also the stylish Edge and the screen nearby the Edge cracked. The HTC One M9 could withstand about 120 lbs of pressure before it became non-functional. This was because of the location of the power button just at the bending point.

Next the three phones were subjected to “catastrophe failure” point. Catastrophe failure is that point when the phone screen cracks out of the huge pressure and the phone gets permanently deformed. It was found that iPhone 6 plus failed at about 179 lbs of pressure, whereas S6 Edge gave up at 149 lbs. You can check the video to get a detailed perception. But is it a Bendgate next version. Certainly not, but the toleration limit of S6 Edge as compared to the two other phones is leaving a big question mark though

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  • jasonlowr

    I am actually happy for samsung, this will definitely make the s6 and samsung more popular no matter in a good or bad way. Laugh everyone, share to everywhere you want, make this viral, and I’m sure this will make the s6 launch even more popular. 😀 hahaha