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Scientists Are Planning To Grow Lettuce On Mars: project £LettuceOnMars

Scientists have managed to send spacecrafts to Mars before and now they are doing it an amazingly cheap price. Now this is one step forward to what they have achieved so far. Researchers are planning to plant lettuce on mars soil in order to test if the red planet can sustain life. A research team named £LettuceOnMars University of Southampton has been entitled to work on this project. Project leader Suzanna Lucarotti said, “To live on other planets we need to grow food there. No-one has ever actually done this and we intend to be the first. This plan is both technically feasible and incredibly ambitious in its scope, for we will be bringing the first complex life to another planet.”

Scientists Are Planning To Grow Lettuce On Mars: project £LettuceOnMars

Once the Mars One lander gets launched and successfully reaches Mars, the power supply within the Lander the power supply will regulate temperature between 21oC to 24oC to maintain ambient temperature. Lucarotti believes that “Growing plants on other planets is something that needs to be done, and will lead to a wealth of research and industrial opportunities that our plan aims to bring to the University of Southampton. We have tackled diverse sets of engineering challenges, including aeroponic systems, bio filters, low-power gas pressurization systems and fail-safe planetary protection systems and then integrated them all into one payload on a tight mass, power and cost budget.”

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