How To Find All Your Liked Posts on Instagram?

Instagram is the biggest photo sharing social platform where billions of users share their photographs and selfies with each other. Instagram is such a big platform where celebrities, sport persons, politicians and even big companies and business hubs take part and share posts. Sometimes, we come across certain beautiful posts

Technology Tips For Catching A Cheating person

Today, it is safe to say that pretty much everyone in the world has their very own cellphone. Most people refuse to leave home without their phone for security and safety reasons. However, you should also understand that your cellphone opens up a door and could allow anyone to enter.

How To Insert Hashtags To Your Instagram Story?

Instagram is now a powerful social media. It has added a new support for Instagram Story. As you know Hashtags in great demand. Hashtags helps in classifying your posts based on the subject. If you put your subject using a hastag, the post will be shown under the category. Instagram

How To Insert A GIF On Your Instagram Story?

Instagram has added a new support for GIFs. As you know GIF is in great demand, Instagram now enables you to insert GIF in its Instagram Story feature. Unlike Facebook comments, you cannot post GIFs as standalone file type. You can impose them on your Instagram story. GIF in Instagram

How To Create a Poll On your Instagram Story?

Instagram has added a new enhancements to Instagram story feature. Insertion of images on another image, GIF, hastags, polls are new additions to the feature and are well appreciated by users. To access this feature, all you need to do is update your Instagram app. The feature has rolled out