Top Hashtags To Reign On Instagram In 2019


Hashtags on Instagram are very common and known to almost everyone. But very few know the concept behind hashtags. Hashtags help you reach your target audience on Instagram. Active users on Instagram searches for photos and videos using hashtags of their preferences and relevance. Suppose you are a photographer and

How To Disable Read Receipts Blue Tick On WhatsApp?

read receipts

Read receipts on WhatsApp are actually the blue ticks that we see when a message sent to a recipient has been viewed. There are several advantages if you keep your read receipts enabled. You can know whether the message you sent someone has been read, and at the same time

How To Turn On Multilingual Posts On Facebook?


Facebook allows a user to write Facebook posts in multiple languages. This feature was mainly started for celebrities who have fans and followers across the world who speak different language. So, the same post written by the personality appears in different languages and can be read by all.  The feature

How To Change The Translated Language On Facebook?

Facebook has a translation option that enables you to read messages of any language in the world. Facebook translates the text into the language that you understand.  How does Facebook understands this? The answer is simple. When you first come across a language that is not among the ones you

How To Turn Off Face Recognition On Facebook?

FACE recognition

When using Facebook, you must have noticed that Facebook can easily detect your face on any photo where you are present. It may be a photo posted by you, or posted by any of your friends. It might surprise you how Facebook detects your face but the reality is that

Undertale Creator Toby Fox Releases Mysterious Game Deltarune


Toby Fox, the creator of the popular game Undertale, has released a mysterious game called "Deltarune" on the occasion of Halloween. The name Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale. This instigates a curiosity if Deltarune is actually a sequel of Undertale. Well, it can be sequel or just a new

Top 3 Photo Editing Apps for iOS to Become an Instagram Star

instagram star

Today mobile apps industry offers hundreds of camera and photo editors to make your photoshoots colorful and original. But how to choose the best one? Have a look at these 3 photo editing apps review that prepared for you. FotoRus The app developed by Fotoable Studio is all-in-one solution with

Making Your WordPress Site Social: Must-have Plugins


If you are a website owner, most probably you are aware of the search engine optimization term or SEO. If not, we recommend you read top WordPress SEO tips. However, there is one more thing that keeps equal importance in driving traffic to your site and that is social media optimization.

How to Schedule a Call on Facebook Messenger?

schedule call

Facebook messenger has been replenished and rejuvenated several times and added many features in the application. As you are already aware that there is a voice call and video call feature on Messenger app, you must be also aware that missing calls from friends have become a routine. We

Social Dating Apps for Android


  Not so long ago, in order to get acquainted, a man or a woman had to go beyond their comfort zone: went to a club or a cinema, thought out a reason to meet, etc. Now we can download any application for dating, which allows us to find a couple

WhatsApp Reportedly Working On Dark Mode: APK Teardown

ios whatsapp

WhatsApp has brought a plethora if new features in the last one year. From encrypting conversation on one to one basis, to launching the Status feature, from introducing Voice conference to video conference, WhatsApp has given us all that we can ask for. Now, according to reports, WhatsApp is working

How To Repost An Instagram Post in Android?

Instagram is the biggest photo sharing social platform where billions of users share their photographs and selfies with each other. Instagram is such a big platform where celebrities, sport persons, politicians and even big companies and business hubs take part and share posts. Sometimes, we come across certain beautiful posts