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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has recently launched a new feature that lets you share your photos and videos with your friends via Messenger app of Facebook with filters, texts, and stickers. The catche Read more

Instagram adds photo zoom feature in the iOS app

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Instagram adds photo zoom feature in the iOS app

Instagram has finally added the much coveted feature, the zoom option for its Photos. Before, you could only view the images shared by you or your friends but there was Read more

There is a good news for Blizzard players who love to boast their achievements and share the videos on social networking sites. Till now, players could stream their achievement or Read more

Tips on Pokemon Go to help you find more and more Pokemons

Pokemon Go is in vogue among smartphone users and gamers and it’s needless to tell you again about the overwhelming love and craze for Pokemon Go. Whenever you look outside Read more

Wikileaks blocked in Turkey after the AKP email leak

Wikileaks very recently leaked an entire list of the emails used by Turkey’s ruling party AKP (Justice and Development Party). The news spread like wild fire and President of Turkey Read more

With Pinterest, search any product using your smartphone's camera

Pinterest has launched a new feature that will let users search for products using their smartphone’s camera and purchase products shown in Pinned photos on web. The buy button, which Read more

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly erecting a high wall boundary that will surround his 700 acre huge property in Kilauea, Kauai. This idea of Zuckerberg erecting wall has been vituperated by Read more

Facebook Messenger adds addictive Football mini game

The latest update of Facebook Messenger has added a number of new features, the latest being the new addictive Football game. Months ago, messenger app introduced the basketball game for Read more

Facebook forcing users to download Moments app

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Facebook forcing users to download Moments app

Facebook is yet another time forcing users to download another app of the company Moments. The first time was when Facebook made it mandatory for users to install the Messenger Read more

Now get Get Food & Restaurant recommendations with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now supports a pool of Messenger bots that can serve several purposes. Some bots can be your personal assistant while some can track your flight details. This bot, Read more