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Facebook has introduced a number of bots last year. Some were just for fun while others were extremely useful for users. If you own a Facebook page then Facebook bots Read more

Facebook allows its users to set privacy of their posts. The posts can be shared with public, friends, with yourself, a group etc. If a user is promoting some products, Read more

Facebook: Check what objects Facebook identified in your photo

Did you know that Facebook can extract information from a photo you uploaded on it? yes, it can and in fact it does. You can find out what information Facebook Read more


WhatsApp has finally ended its support for Windows Phone 7, Android 2.2 and iOS 6. The phone messenger website announced last year that it would end support for the above Read more

Facebook has made Facebook Messenger from a support app to being a standalone application. The reason is unknown but Facebook has made Messenger a mandatory application for every user. So Read more

Instagram's new update lets users save News Feed posts

Instagram has incorporated a new update in the app that enables you to save posts that appear on your news feed. Instagram is gradually following footsteps of Snapchat and Facebook. Read more


It’s time that you move on from your old obsolete phones to new ones- that’s what WhatsApp thinks! The phone messenger app company which has been taken over by Facebook, Read more

Facebook has recently launched a new feature that lets you share your photos and videos with your friends via Messenger app of Facebook with filters, texts, and stickers. The catche Read more

Instagram adds photo zoom feature in the iOS app

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Instagram adds photo zoom feature in the iOS app

Instagram has finally added the much coveted feature, the zoom option for its Photos. Before, you could only view the images shared by you or your friends but there was Read more

There is a good news for Blizzard players who love to boast their achievements and share the videos on social networking sites. Till now, players could stream their achievement or Read more