How to Open SWF files without Adobe Flash Player?


What is a SWF? SWF is the acronym for Shockwave Flash which was developed by Macromedia initially. Now the company is owned by Adobe. The acronym has been changed to Small Web Format in order to avoid confusion with Shockwave. SWF files are usually meant for displaying animated graphics, vector graphics,

Software Review: DRmare Audio Converter for Mac

What is DRM? DRM is the acronym for Digital Rights Management. It is a set of protocols and security features that Apple devices bind their content with. All media files of iTunes, App Store that you purchase are protected by DRM so that they cannot be used by anyone else other

Audfree DRM Audio Converter for Mac Review


Why Does It Become Necessary To Remove DRM Protection DRM or Digital Rights Management is a set of protocols that prevents unauthorized redistribution of certain media files based on the guidelines of the platform promoting the media. For example, Apple iTunes or Apple Music contain media files that are DRM protected.