How To Enable A Preview Pane In Gmail?

In most of the Mail clients that are popularly used, there are provisions for preview Pane. In a preview pane, we can see the preview of the mails. Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird and Mail in mac OS- all these mail clients have preview panes. While using any of the

How to Select Multiple Images on Instagram?

Instagram is the one of the leading photo sharing applications in the world. The app has recently been updated to a great extent. Instagram has combined a lot of features in it. While idea of some features have been rendered from other applications, some features have been added on its

How to Play YouTube in the Background in iOS?


YouTube is the most popular video streaming application in the world. Despite being the numero uno, there is one feature that's not there in YouTube. YouTube does not play in background and this lack of feature is severely annoying. While playing video, if you press the lock button, or exit

How to Write Computer Codes Faster with SpeedCoder Web App

Speedcoder is a web application that enables coders to type computer codes faster and more efficiently. Speedcoder is built to ameliorate the typing and coding speed of people. The web application has a lot of interesting features along with tutorial to provide better guidance. The tutorials are rich and have