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Bitcoin Exchange under License

With everything from soup to nuts turning digital why should money be left behind? With the same idea in mind Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 made an open-source software for Bitcoins. Read more

Man gets NFC chip injected in hands to store Bitcoin wallet: Weird world!

This is an exemplary craziness with Bitcoin where a person get NFC chips implanted in his both palms to store Bitcoin wallet. Even though Bitcoin wallet is of ample benefits Read more

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a man of substance in all spheres be it business or carrying out extensive benevolent activities. The pioneer of Microsoft, the pivotal figure behind Windows operating system Read more

Android apps found to be mining Bitcoins

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Android apps found to be mining Bitcoins

Android apps are a new medium used for mining Bitcoins. If you do not know about Bitcoin, let me give you a brief introduction to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a peer Read more