Is it the End for Facebook Home?

Facebook Home

Android has been flooded with some amazing launchers and once upon a time Facebook Home was one of them. Yahoo Aviate Launcher has made a mark of it in a short span with its fluid design and flexibility in organizing apps. Facebook Home has been Facebook’s counterpart launcher which is

Zuckasaurus- the new privacy assistant for Facebook


Well do you remember Clippy? Well, in case you can't recollect we tell you that Clippy was that tiny paper clip that used to slide down your computer screen whenever you were busy using Microsoft Word. It went on interrupting you with its urge to help you or might be

Facebook buying Oculus for $2 billion

Facebook buying Oculus for $2 billion

Since last year, Facebook is busy shopping and is having a great shopping time. Facebook bought Whatsapp messenger for $19 billion and now its Oculus. The integration between Oculus and the Xbox One have been a muh desired feature to most. Users badly wanted Oculus to become a

Three new features added in WhatsApp

Three new features added in Whatsapp

The most popular phone messenger app WhatsApp has been acquired by the giant social networking site Facebook for huge amount of $19 billions. Soon after it was brought, WhatsApp brought many new changes and new features. Three mist important updates are given below. 1. Privacy The new privacy setting has included

Facebook quits email service

Life Before Facebook: Do You Remember?

In the beginning for signing up at Facebook, we required a valid email address. Then later on in the year 2010, Facebook introduced an email service with and assigned an ID to each of the users. We could log in by that address and could use that service. However it

Social Networks That Can Challenge Facebook’s Dominance

The social network revolution started with Facebook, although with a lesser extent with Twitter. But after several years, user preferences are going south of Facebook. In fact it has been reported that 11 million young people have fled Facebook and ditched the social network for good. Finding a new nest,

Why Are Young People Leaving Facebook?

Time Magazine said it all, young people are saying sayonara to Facebook. And there is data to prove the exodus. Around 11 million young people have fled Facebook since 2011. The question is why are the young people ditching the now ubiquitous social network and replacing it with What's App

How about having a Dislike Button in Facebook?

Facebook Dislike Button

You may be quite active on Facebook and the more you hover from one page to another the more would you find some garbage stuffs but unfortunately you can only like them or ignore straight away but you cannot be too rude to dislike them. But Chrome Store has brought

Facebook Privacy Concerns: Are They Valid?

Facebook is a huge social networking site which is used by at least 50 % of the entire population. Though Facebook has a lot of positive aspects with respect to sharing, liking, commenting and marketing of products among the general public, it also has privacy concerns.  When it comes to answering

Life Before Facebook: Do You Remember?

Life Before Facebook: Do You Remember?

Photo credits: Thos Ballantyne   As you know, Facebook has been a part of our lives since 2004. Feels longer, doesn't it?   Time Suck   How many hours do you think you spend on Facebook? In a week? In a day? If you actually kept track, it would likely be a lot more than you

Facebook Scams and Hoaxes to avoid

Facebook Scams and Hoaxes to avoid

With the rising popularity of the Internet, scams and hoaxes have earned themselves place on various websites and e-mails. And with a popular social networking site such as Facebook, which reaches out to billions of people, it is not uncommon to find theses hoaxes and scams doing the rounds on

Security researcher hacks Zuckerberg’s page to prove a point

Security researcher hacks facebook zukerberg's page

Almost every software that has been developed till date has bugs in it. Applications are very complicated and the chance of presence of an error is always high that the developers didn't fix at the time of developing. This mere verity is the reason why many a software organizations provide