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AMD renews their “Never Settle Forever” program

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AMD renews their Never Settle Forever program

AMD is refreshing the “Never Settle Program” so that it is available for a variety of ranges of cards like the “ultra-enthusiast” cards such as the R9 295X2. The Never Read more

5-year-old boy finds Xbox One security flaw, Microsoft rewards him with free games

In this huge mad world bizarre and miracles do happen and this five year old tiny boy defeated the global giant Xbox by detecting security flaws in the devices. It Read more

CAndy crush alternate Juice Cube for Android and iOS

Juice cubes is a new game by Rovio Stars of Angry birds fame. Juice cubes is an interactive sweet game similar to candy crush saga where juice cubes are burst Read more

Now the Birds Are Angry As Rovio Asks Industry for A Fight Back

Categories: Android, News

Angry as ever, Rovio is now calling for the members of the tech industry to start fighting the National Security Agency and British Intelligence and reclaim lost trust following security Read more

Which Computing Platforms Are Open and Which Are Closed?

In last couple of years, we have seen the uprising of closed platforms- operating systems that only permit you to install software sanctioned by the operating system.s programmer. Nonetheless, many Read more

PlayStation 4 has 8GB RAM

PlayStation 4, one of the most hotly-anticipated new gaming consoles of this year, is going to be launched on November 29, 2013. Sony announced the PlayStation 3 in the year Read more

xbox one info

If you were under the impression that Microsoft had disclosed everything about the Xbox One game console at E3 in June then you might be at haywire. At the company’s Read more

nvidia shield

Finally the wait has come to an end for the people who have wanted to lay their hands on NVIDIA’s SHIELD portable game console. This week the company in a Read more