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Microsoft outdoes Facebook and Amazon in social power

Lithium ranks the social power of top tech giants and this time Microsoft had topped the list outdoing Amazon’s first position of last year. Amazon has twice as many followers Read more

Microsoft's beta version of Cortana can now replace Google Now on Android

Microsoft expressed their plan to introduce Cortana to other platforms like Android and iOS. Finally Microsoft has taken a step forward and has brought about an updated app of Cortana Read more

Microsoft open sources Windows Bridge for iOS

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Microsoft open sources Windows Bridge for iOS

Earlier Microsoft had expressed its penchant towards supporting other platforms. We even came to know about Microsoft’s intention to bring Cortana for Android and iOS. In the first quarter of Read more

Microsoft Groove music service launches on Android and on web

Microsoft announced last month thattye music section of Xbox will be replaced by a new music service called Groove music. Finally Xbox Music has retired making way for Groove music. Read more

Parallels Desktop provides you Cortana with Mac

Categories: OS X
Cortana on OS X

Cortana is the voice command enabled personal digital assistant which is accompanying Windows 10 on July 29. Since the time of inception, Cortana has been receiving tremendous positive reviews and Read more

Microsoft rumored to stop manufacturing Microsoft Band

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Microsoft rumored to stop manufacturing Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band is the health smart wear by Microsoft which was launched last year. Microsoft Band was dedicated mainly as a health and fitness accompaniment but now it’s being reported Read more

Microsft delays launch of Cortana for Android from June to July

Cortana is the personal digital assistant by Microsoft that made its appearance with Windows phone 8.1. Within a short time Cortana cast a spell on users as a new emerging Read more

Flow: Microsoft’s upcoming micro email app

Categories: iOS, News
Flow: Microsoft's upcoming micro email app

Rumor is speculating that Microsoft is working on a new micro email application to be known as Flow. Reports say that Flow app is right now in the development stage Read more

Google intends to join Microsoft's Pointer Events Standards

The W3C held last month announced that the Pointer Events Standard is recommended for all modern web browsers. The Pointer Events specification by Microsoft was not supported by Apple and Read more

Windows Phone might support Android apps soon

Categories: Android
With a vision to enhance the market, Microsoft is rumored to bring support for Android apps in Windows Phones. Previously we have seen similar actions from other compan

Android smartphones are popular globally because of the extensive flexibility in the platform. On the other hand, Windows Phones even though ranking third in terms of smartphone market is still Read more