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Baidu accused of serious privacy and security leaks

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Baidu accused of serious privacy and security leaks

Baidu is the leading web browser in China. Although the name may not seem familiar to parts outside China, but the country has its own web browser for the reason Read more

Carphone Warehouse under cyber attack causes customer data breach

Carphone Warehouse has been under cyber attack and as many as 2.4 million Carphone Warehouse customer data have been accessed. The data include encrypted credit card details. Even though major Read more

Facebook Bug

Recently, Facebook became latest US Technology Company to be criticized by a European regulator accusing of violating EU data protection rules as the social network. Academics commissioned by Belgium’s Privacy Read more

Old Android devices WebView security flaw

Many users might not be satisfied with Google’s decision of not rectifying a web security issue on old Android phones caused by WebView. WebView is a framework that allows Android Read more

Edward Snowden says iPhones have secret spyware installed in them

Another bang from Edward Snowden has arrived against the US government that the US Government along with NSA spies on iPhones content without the consent of the users. Edward himself Read more

The Interview controversy raised to a new level: US hacked North Korea much before the latter hacked US

A new twist in the controversy with the movie, The Interview. The story started with a threat from a group of hackers named Guardian of Peace to Sony Studio on Read more

Leaked Snowden Docs reveal Spies treating Cyberwar as a Punchline

NSA is literally infamous when it comes to tracking private data from users. NSA has been questioned and blamed many a times regarding this issue. Recently German website Spiegel launched Read more

Indian Government blocked 32 websites for hosting terrorist content and then unblocked 4

In order to curb the growing menace of terrorism India government took a firm decision by blocking at least 32 sites which were hosting terrorist content of the notorious ISIS Read more

Spiegel Leaks say NSA could not crack Encryption tools

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Leaks say NSA could not crack Encryption tools

If someone says that NSA has failed to decrypt many encryption tools till date, it would be impossible for us to believe. However, it is true. This is what is Read more

Security group claims that it is possible to forge fingerprints from a photo

Scientists have revealed some shocking results on fingerprints security. Security systems are being enhanced day by day with advent of fingerprints scanner, eyeball scanner, retina scanner etc. The more the Read more