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Twitch opens a Hub where you can watch artists while creating their artworks

Twitch is one of the biggest Live streaming platform of all times. Twitch is mainly known for being the ultimate hub where gamers and professional e sport teams showcase their on action Live videos. Owing to the amazing feedback and ever increasing fan following Amazon acquired Twitch past year for a whopping price if $10 billion. Twitch makers have now decided to expand the domain beyond the conventional gaming video streaming and include an entirely new hub.

Twitch opens a Hub where you can watch artists while creating their artworks

The new hub will live stream art works while the artists are creating them. Twitch has also made a dedicated website for the hub called Twitch Creative. Twitch was introduced by Justin.TV which then streamed almost every sort of video, like YouTube. Slowly it garnered acceptance more as the gaming video streaming site. But now the scenario has changed a lot. “A couple years ago I started to notice a new type of stream happening,” says Bill Moorier, head of Twitch Creative. “Broadcasters would get tired of gaming and fire up photoshop and start sketching game related art.” He also added, “People were not just doing game-related art anymore. It was everything from Photoshop to really traditional oil and watercolor, even glass blowing and sculpture.”

The main page of Twitch will add the Creative tab and clicking on it will redirect it to Twitch Creative. The videos will stream artists in action. Rather than showing a time lapse video of complete product, it will show the entire process. It will feature painters, sculptors, and musicians live streaming their work as it happens, instead of simply sharing the finished piece. It has been reported that Twitch will be live streaming all 403 episodes of The Joy of Painting, the seminal Bob Ross program that has already inspired many aspiring artists.

Twitch opens a Hub where you can watch artists while creating their artworks - Last modify: October 30th, 2015, Author: Anik
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