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DNS Leaks: What Are the Threats and How to Prevent It?

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DNS Leak is a growing menace in the world of internet. But before delving into the various facet of DNS leaks, let us have an idea about DNS. What is Read more

Google launched Chrome browser build 55 last week amd the version introduced a number of security features. The Chrome 55 blocked Flash Players on most websites and emerged to be Read more

Google Is Dropping the Chrome App Launcher For Windows, Mac, and Linux

Google launched a Chrome App Launcher in all major platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux with an aim to create a platform within a platform. The Chrome App Launcher can Read more

How to get YouTube Picture in Picture feature in your computer?

The mobile app version of YouTube is much more flexible and feature rich as compared to the web version. In the mobile app of YouTube you can view a particular Read more

How To Turn Off Search Suggestions In Firefox?

Search Suggestions is available in all the major search Engines like Google. Mozilla Firefox is one of those internet browsers which can help you if you do not want to Read more

A Quick Tip on the important YouTube hotkeys

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A Quick Tip on the important YouTube hotkeys

Well, YouTube is something that we use almost daily while using internet. Since you are an avid user of the world’s biggest video streaming website, why not learn these quick Read more

How to access Netflix secret genre categories?

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How to access Netflix secret genre categories

Netflix allows you to choose categories from the Browse options like Action, Romance, Child, Anime. But most of the times, we search for more specific items, like Disney children movies, Read more

How to Force Netflix To Stream In HD By Selecting A Higher Video Bitrate

Netflix has three plans for users, the basic Netflix plan, the HD plan and the Ultra HD Plan. From the name itself, it’s self explanatory that the basic plan does Read more

CringeMDB : A Web app to check if a movie is appropriate to watch with families or not

Watching movies with parents has embarrassed us since eternity and will continue to do so. I sill remember the time, when our entire family went for the Oscar winning movie Read more

Review Skeptic helps you to check the credibility of hotel reviews

Have you ever read wonderful hotel reviews and then end up finding something really awful? There are many travel operators and websites which are globally acclaimed, authorized and maintain definite Read more