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How to Block an Email Address in Gmail?

Categories: Software Tutorials, Web
How To Block An Email Address In Gmail

Gmail has a good filtering system and it prevents your account from spam messages. For example the huge Prize money of $1 million from fraudsters. Even though Gmail efficiently chops Read more

Microsoft Groove music service launches on Android and on web

Microsoft announced last month thattye music section of Xbox will be replaced by a new music service called Groove music. Finally Xbox Music has retired making way for Groove music. Read more

Google Finally Gives Revenge Porn Victims A Way To Remove Abusive Links

Even though technology is a boon but it also bears some evil spirits and the revenge porn is one such curse to the society. Revenge porns are results of failed Read more

Facebook Bug

Recently, Facebook became latest US Technology Company to be criticized by a European regulator accusing of violating EU data protection rules as the social network. Academics commissioned by Belgium’s Privacy Read more

KickassTorrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure

Categories: Web
KickassTorrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure

KickassTorrents has gone back to its old home at and that site is safe to use, after .so registry had banned KickassTorrents domain, according to the domain’s Whois listing. Read more

Verizon’s supercookies: Threat to Privacy

Categories: News, Tech Rumors, Web
Verizon’s supercookies: Threat to Privacy

Lawmakers of Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation have called into investigation of Verizon for its practice of using unique customer codes to track the online activities of its Read more

FCC Chairman proposes new Net Neutrality Regulation for Free and Open Internet

Back in Nov, United States President Barack Obama had ordered Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to consider new rules for how to safeguard competition and user choice, saying that we cannot Read more

Cloud-Computing: Future for individually tailored medical treatments

Imagine a technology that creates your genetic profile and could provide a hint for an early detection of a possible life-threatening disease, like lung cancer, and also provide you with Read more

Chrome Magic: Launch A Website As An App!

Categories: News, Web
Chrome Magic: Launch A Website As An App!

With new technology overlapping the previous one to serve the same purpose these days, doesn’t browser and websites seem stone age in the world of apps? For instance what previously Read more

FCC to propose rigid net neutrality rules out of pressure from US Government

News has been circulating that FCC will propose net neutrality rules out of pressure from the US Government. This will refrain the Internet Service Providers from selling prioritization to websites. Read more