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You may no more require to wear a hefty smartwatch to keep track of you heart rate and other physiological parameters. Scientists are working on a project that manufactures a Read more

Why Is PDF The Best File Format?

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Portable Document Format or as everybody know it PDF, is the most popular file format in the world. What makes this format so special is the fact that it is Read more

Stanford University researchers produced a "self-extinguishing" lithium-ion battery

Lithium Ion batteries have posed a serious threat on mankind after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery mishap occurred. It was clear that no battery, however modern or potential be Read more

Something has got to change for the upstream oil and gas industry. Oil and gas prices are in a slump and companies often must cancel or postpone projects (and lay Read more

Angry players getting refunds for No Man's Sky game

Users who purchased the No Man’s Sky game are furious and are demanding refunds. Someplayers have reported that they have managed to receive their refunds from Steam, Amazon, GOG, PSN Read more

Earth-like planet orbiting around our closest star Proxima Centauri

After years of research, scientists have found out the existence of an earth-like habitable planet revolving round our closest star Proxima Centauri. The planet has been named Proxima b and Read more

Google will end Chrome app support for Windows, Mac and Linux

Google has posted in their Chromium blog that they will end support for Chrome app for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Google says that they launched the Chrome app Read more

Motorola accuses Samsung of copying 'Always-On Display' feature for Galaxy Note7

Samsung has recently unveiled its Galaxy Note 7 and has literally amazed users with its beautiful look and features. But if there is someone who is really pissed off with Read more

Zipline: Startup to deliver blood and medicine using drones

Zipline is a California based startup that is aiming to start delivery of blood and medicine using drones in the remote parts of the United States. The company already uses Read more

Tips on Pokemon Go to help you find more and more Pokemons

Pokemon Go is in vogue among smartphone users and gamers and it’s needless to tell you again about the overwhelming love and craze for Pokemon Go. Whenever you look outside Read more