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Today’s technology lets us do everything on the go with the help of our cell phones. We can check our email, shop, do online banking, and many more things, as Read more

Source:   A solid content strategy has already been established as one of the digital marketing staples. This is a field that evolves all the time, however. Today, building Read more

Apple is probably launching a competent rival to Amazon’s Echo device. The news came from KGI securities analyst Ming Chui Kuo. The Apple counterpart of Echo will be definitely powered Read more

If you ask a blogger, writer or any other person taking great care of content safety which plagiarism tool they use, they would hardly mention Unplag. In most cases you Read more

With the progress in mobile phone’s technology, nowadays slimmer and thinner devices are arriving the market. The screen along with the body of the device are getting so thin that Read more

Disney Might Bring Augmented Reality (AR) To Its Them Parks

Disney is one of the largest and most powerful brand names the world has ever witnessed. Walt Disney, the founder of Disney company and Disneyland has a brand value of Read more

The Red Planet in our Solar System is now in the news as scientists around the world are investing in finding out the different aspects of Mars. Recently scientists observed Read more

You may no more require to wear a hefty smartwatch to keep track of you heart rate and other physiological parameters. Scientists are working on a project that manufactures a Read more

Why Is PDF The Best File Format?

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Portable Document Format or as everybody know it PDF, is the most popular file format in the world. What makes this format so special is the fact that it is Read more

Stanford University researchers produced a "self-extinguishing" lithium-ion battery

Lithium Ion batteries have posed a serious threat on mankind after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery mishap occurred. It was clear that no battery, however modern or potential be Read more