Home Rewiring Tips You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Wiring in a property is crucially important. Good wiring channels electricity to different parts of the house and provides power to your appliances, your lights, and other electronics. While a good wiring system can last a long time, doing a thorough rewiring could be your only option in some situations,

Top Reasons To Hire A Tree Removal Expert

There comes a time when you need to remove the trees in your compound for one reason or another. In most cases, you may need to cut down a tree because it is infested with pests or a particular disease. In addition, some trees may be potential hazards within the

NASA To Launch The Breath-Taking Exoplanet Hunting Telescope

NASA has numerous famous and extremely high end exoplanet hunting telescopes, the most popular being the Kepler. However, NASA has been facing a fuel shortage in Kepler. Despite being the most incredible exoplanet hunter, Kepler is in standby. The organization is now adumbrating plans to launch one of the smallest

MyFitnessPal Data Breach: Owner Company Under Armour Makes Statement

Under Armour, one of the biggest Sports Apparel manufacturers of the world, announced a humongous data breach yesterday. The breach compromised the usernames and passwords of about 150 million users connected to the MyFitnessPal App. MyFitnessPal is the biggest nutrition and fitness app and a subordinate company of Under Armour.

Smart Surfing: Tips to Stay Safe While Using Public Wi-Fi

Australia's public wi-fi is growing beyond what some people predicted. The population's acceptance of public wi-fi shows how hungry Australians are for good and reliable Internet. The problem is this public option comes with dangers, which could mean things like compromised data amongst other issues. Taking the following proper precautions

Usenet vs Torrent: Which One To Choose and Why?

Before going into comparisons between Usenet and Torrent, we must enlighten you about these two technologies. When I say torrent, 90% of my viewers will raise their hands in affirmative response. But when I say Usenet, well, very few will say they have heard about Usenet. What is Usenet? Have you