5 Tips On Writing a Good Essay | TechEntice

Writing a good essay is indeed a tough job for students. When it comes for scholarship or admission in university, then it becomes a dreadful nightmare for students. As you know, essay is one of the most vital component of getting admission into a grad school and the priority level

How To Change The Theme in your Outlook Mail?

How To Change Theme in your Outlook Mail?

The new beta version of Outlook mail bring a lot of new specifications and features to its users. The Outlook Mail has a plethora of customization options that many of you might not be aware of. Theme is one such customizable feature. There is a default theme for your Outlook

3 Smart Phone Apps That Track Your Sleep & Health Habits


If I may paraphrase the words of Phil Nickinson (editor of Android Central), the smartphones, we use now for many things in our lives have become the "easiest portal" to our digital self. They’ve gone beyond being just an instrument for making calls, storing information, taking photographs or shooting short

What Are Aspect Ratios and How to Adjust Them?

Aspect ratio is an important parameter in analysing the image quality of a digital image, films. Aspect ratios find enormous use in a wide variety of fields ranging from video resolution, TV screen,  digital image processing, remote sensing, projectors, cameras, etc. Find more about projectors and display technology. By definition, aspect ratio

The Conundrum of Antarctic Ocean and the Time Travel

antarctic ocean

Little do we know about the mystery hidden in the Antarctic Ocean. There are millions and millions of flora and fauna in the Antarctic Seas. Here, we share with you a wonderful experience and time travel through the depth of time. Read the following narration “It has always been our ambition