2016 may bring you the cheapest 4G handset by Datawind

2016 may bring you the cheapest 4G handset
2016 may bring you the cheapest 4G handset

We are expecting a lot of good things to happen in 2016 and if one thing which can make you smile right at this moment is this 4G smartphone by Datawind. Datawind is going to launch the cheapest ever 4G enabled smartphone at just Rs. 3000 INR with 1 year of free 4G internet connectivity. Datawind President and CEO Suneet Singh Tuli told PTI,”We will launch a 4G device for about Rs 3,000 with free unlimited 4G browsing for 12 months”.

However, Tuli said that there will be no video or movie downloads included in this pack, but assured that users can download videos by purchasing regular 4G internet packs. Datawind is in partnership with Reliance Communications and Telenor for the free 2G and 3G Internet browsing. They are also trying to enter into partnerships with other carrier services as well. At present, the cheapest 4G handset is available at Rs. 4000 INR. When the new handset will arrive the market, it will be the cheapest 4G handset in India.

Since Datawind has partnered with Reliance and Telenor, questions were raised if the handset will support only specific number of websites. In reply to that, Tuli said users will be able to access every website flawlessly and will support net neutrality.

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