50 Cent launches innovative earphones in collaboration with Intel

50 Cent launches innovative earphones that sense Heartbeats
50 Cent launches innovative earphones that sense Heartbeats

Company 50 Cent launches an amazing earphones that has abilities beyond than those of the conventional ones. In joint venture with Intel, 50 Cent is launching earphones that can record tracks based on your heartbeat rate. Intel made a hint about this in early January. The earphones facilitates to tell the phone to play tracks with a BPM that corresponds to you heart rate.

The gadget is named Bio Sport which works in harmony with your heart. SMS Audio first brought a concept similar to this. The ear-plugs will be shipped soon in future although we do not know the price tag yet. But according to SMS Audio president Brian Nohe, Bio Sport will cost under $150. A portion of the power utilized for running the speaker will be used to supply power to tine heart rate sensors. These sensors then collect data and process them and fetch it to the smartphone. So it’s a great achievement that you do not need to carry a charger or a charging smartband along with you. The ear buds are compatible to RunKeeper but SMS Audio can extend partnerships to other organizations as well in the future. BioSport has an app that works with it. Promotional offers have started and the company seems to partner with the famous Disney for aStar-Wars inspired limited edition of Street by 50. It also includes Stormtrooper version.

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