7 Best Slack Apps to Increase Productivity & Accomplish More During Your Workday

Slack App & Integrations – What You Should Know

We all want our workplace to be simplified and efficient, and that’s where the Slack apps and integrations come into play. One can install any Slack app on their communication device to quickly integrate it with the system at your workplace. 

These apps are third-party software programs that go together with the Slack interface. It allows adding steps to the Slack team experience. Like, you can only organize your decisions with Slack while using the Slack app tracking decision rather than any separate tools.

Users can utilize Slack integration to connect Slack’s team chat messaging functionality with other popular business team communication technologies and apps.

Over 2,400 integrations are available in the Slack App Directory, allowing users to use CRM tools, web conferencing solutions, social media platforms, task management apps, and much more within the Slack interface.

Thanks to Slack connectors, there’s no need to hop between multiple apps to access different team communication and collaboration tools.

Benefits of Slack apps

  1. Smooth Work Process

Integrating additional Slack apps can connect all tools in one place, making communication, management, and collaboration easier. It can help remote teams be more productive at the workspace and get work done on one platform without involving external data.

  1. All-in-One Management 

Use the familiar Slack UI to access new features. There’s no need to log in, move between interfaces, or learn how to utilize them.

  1. Enhanced Collaboration

Because of Slack’s communication focus, many of the tool’s apps and integrations are collaboration tools by default. Pushupbot, for example, is a wellness software that allows you to discuss and support exercise goals with coworkers. You could quickly locate a tool and accomplish this on your own, but doing it in Slack adds a team-building factor.

  1. Ease of Communication

When you have more discussions in Slack, you’re less likely to have an overflowing inbox or video call fatigue, which might cause your messages to go unnoticed. 

  1. Adoption

Slack apps connect teams in places where they already “hang out” during the day. You won’t have to persuade individuals to use new tools and technologies, and they’ll be more ready to check out your new Slack integrations.

Top Slack App Picks to Increase Productivity at Your Workplace

1. Zoom

Thanks to the Zoom integration, users may make or join Zoom Phone and video calls without leaving the Slack UI. Users click the Zoom link in the channel to join a meeting, which also displays the Meeting ID and meeting hosts.

Users can post the meeting recording, attendees, meeting length and date, and a brief meeting description in Slack after the meeting.

Screen sharing, whiteboarding, meeting transcripts and recordings, breakout rooms, virtual hand raising, and live co-annotation are just some of the standout Zoom capabilities.

2. GetPulse

Pulse adjusts your Slack status in real-time based on your settings, focus level, schedule, and apps. Automatically notify your teammates when it’s optimal to communicate with you. It helps to communicate with teammates about when you’re working outside of regular office hours, if your day is busy, when you’ll be available next, and more.

Using AI automatically recognizes and offers when you’re in a focused state of work, reducing distractions in your everyday routine. It works with any significant conferencing provider. When you’re ‘in a meeting,’ show it in your status.

3. Cisco WebEx

Users can use the WebEx integration in Slack to host or join live or scheduled audio/video calls. Users may also see which other Slack users are currency in a WebEx meeting, cancel upcoming meetings, make meeting reminders, and send in-progress Slack notifications. Allows people to arrange future meetings rather than meeting on the spot, ensuring that significant subjects discussed in a Slack channel are not forgotten. Instead, users can plan a meeting to discuss the problem and then return to their present activities.

4. Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer care platform that allows consumers to request help via live chat, social media, email, and phone calls. It also provides for automated customer support, self-service, and the collection of critical client data to reduce data entry.

Reduces ticket turnaround time, provides a central repository for customer support tickets and ensures that support requests are dispersed fairly among agents.

5. Asana

Calendar views, list views, and file views are available in Asana for task management. Users can assign tasks and subtasks to Asana for Slack, comment on them, and set deadlines. They can also attach relevant files to assignments and add task collaborators if they require further assistance.

Asana in Slack delivers automated task status updates, allows users to assign and create tasks, add tasks to an existing project, and presents all current tasks in the workspace. Users can also view a quick summary of the project’s title, owner, members, due date, and progress.

6. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Users can integrate Microsoft Outlook Calendar into Slack to organize events, RSVPs, and invitations. Users will be notified of upcoming events and can join WebEx and Zoom meetings with a single click. Users can join many video conferencing platforms with a single click.

7. Greetbot

GreetBot is a new client or employee onboarding assistance that allows users to exchange critical documents and websites.

It also allows administrators to designate specific staff to greet and lead new hires through the onboarding process. Users can send pre-scheduled follow-up direct messages and use message logs to keep track of their activity.


In the above article, we learned how Slack apps are beneficial for enhancing your work productivity and accomplishments. Also, we listed the popular Slack app integrations that can improve workflow automation for enterprises of all sectors and scales. 

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