Airtame: the Ultimate Destination For Platform Independent Casting


Casting is the future projections on different computers, TV and visual screens. The cutting edge technology behind casting has reached a new height with wireless casting. Wireless casting is available for almost all high end media casting devices, but there is a limitation. The limitation is on the platform dependency. Most of the casting devices support only certain operating systems. To overcome this restriction of platform dependency, this Danish company has delivered an exquisite and fine HDMI dongle that leverages wireless casting to a new light. It is the Airtame. The best thing about Airtame is the platform independence. This means, that the device will be able to cast from any platform be it Windows, Android, OS X, iOS, Tizan, etc. There is no constraint on OS compatibility.

Now before going in depth about Airtame, a new user might be wondering- what is screen mirroring or casting? Why is it important? Why Airtame is required? Let’s find out the answers!

Screen mirroring is nothing but watching your mobile phone content on a bigger screen like a TV. The video, apps or whatever is being played on your mobile, will be simply reflected directly on your TV so that you can have a better visual and audio experience. You can connect your TV to a home theater and enhance the experience further. Smart televisions with the inbuilt operating system, casting media, e.g., Chromecast, Miracast can mirror a small screen content to a bigger and HD screen. Now, let me tell you why Airtame is a great option? This is because Airtame is portable and wireless. While most casting devices have specific operating systems installed in them, some other devices cannot cast wirelessly at all. You will get entangled by wires while projecting a device screen. Airtame is platform independent. No matter what OS your big screen or small screen has, Airtame supports every platform. Besides, it has a very efficient iOS screen mirroring function. The item also comes with a high end Cloud function which allows users or IT admins to set-up and control all the devices registered to the cloud. Security has been given special priority and thus no operator can control the content shared. He or she can only check the settings, updated, dashboards and so on.

How To Use Airtame?

Using Airtame is too simple to explain. All you need to do is to plug it into the HDMI port on your TV or projector and share your screen from any device. There is a provision to encode your device with passwords in order to improve security front.

What Are The Promising Features of Airtame?

1. Compatibility with different platforms- it works seamlessly with Windows 7 and above, Android, iOS, OS X, Linus, etc.
2. It has four different layouts. You can use any layout or simply remove all layouts to show off your dashboard or branded image in fullscreen.
3. As mentioned before,to secure your device, you can encrypt the device with Pin Code Connect.
4. Amazing cloud support- Airtame Cloud is a dream come true for any user. You no longer need to send support requests. You can have remote access.
5. Airtame supports connectivity to multiple devices as many as 20.
6. A standalone UI- Airtame is gifted with a beautiful web browser called the wallboard. the wallboard web browser provides you a plethora of facilities like website, slideshow, custom images or a customized dashboard.

Now talking about a negative point- well is there any? Not really- Airtame is indeed a fine and elegant looking device with immense technical brilliance. It costs around $299.

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