Amazon 4K Streaming Arriving In October on Samsung TVs

Amazon 4k streaming is coming for Samsung TVs
Amazon 4k streaming is coming for Samsung TVs

This is a big news for owners of Samsung 4k or UltraHD Televisions. Yes, Amazon 4k streaming is arriving by October 2014 and you can enjoy the streaming experience only if you have a Samsung 4K TV. Samsung has long been indulged in promoting the 4k contents with its TVS and finally has succeeded in achieving so. The announcement has been made by Samsung who has been eager to deliver 4k service to all the existing broadband connections which itself is a big deal.

Samsung has had bigger plans for 4k streaming. It has already launched an Amazon Instant Video application in its Smart Hub in UltraHD TV sets. The app is not available throughout the world but is limited to some countries now. We hope, this feature will role up in other locations as well. However Samsung had entered into some paramount partnerships with giants like Netflix, Amazon, Comcast and DirecTV not earlier than January. These partnership will provide 4K streaming which is the thing that is in Samsung’s mind. Now we re waiting to check if the Amazon 4k streaming comes with other companies or not.

Source: Samsung

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