Android L beta: a new look with new features

Android L
Android L

The new Android L has been announced and it seems that Google is quite enthusiastic about this new version as it appears that a lot of new features and look have been incorporated in to it. The new design that’s going to take the stage is the new Material Design. This design will make a great utilization of available storage and irrespective of the device in which it is running it will provide seamless user experience. Matias Durate, Google’s director of Android user experience told, ” Unlike real paper, our digital material can expand and reform intelligently. Material has physical surfaces and edges. Seams and shadows provide meaning about what you can touch.” The Material Design is not discussed here in detail but it will sport a flatter look. The icons of apps will be round with softer edge.

The new Google+ app appears to have redress itself with new transition animation and smooth appearance. The same is implemented for other apps too. Suppose you open an image using Gallery and then you think of editing it with image editors like Picsart Instagram or anyother. You do not need to close the gallery and open the editor freshly. The image will float above and you can swipe from one app to another to select the desired one for editing your picture. Now apart from the appearance and refreshing the UI several exciting features have been added.

A new feature that you will enjoy with Android L is a closer association between web and apps. It often happens that we are clicking on a URL of an image or a video in Facebook using our Facebook app and the video opens through Chrome or Internet Explorer. But this time the video will open in your Facebook app itself. This is what Google claims.

Now coming to the Notification bar which is the most used thing of our phone or tablet. Android L is trying some improvements in this area. In this new feature will enable you tk access the notifications right from your lockscreen. Swiping away the unnecessary notifications tapping the required one can all be done from the lockscreen. If you have a secure lock screen that is a PIN or a password enabled for security then also there is a way out. For secured lockscreens Android L will introduce Trusted Environments. This new environment allow you to access the phone notifications without the use of PIN codes and your data will be secured as there will be an authentication for accessing the notifications. it can be connected using your smartwatch. If it’s within a said range then it would function normally. If the range exceeds the stipulated range it won’t allow you.
Unlike previous versions of Android the notifications ain’t organized chronologically but now it will be organized on the basis of priority. For example game notifications are not important and hence will be at the bottom of the panel. A lot of factors will be there that would determince which notifications bear more priority.

Android L is up with another new enterprise that plans in adapting bring-your-own-device culture where new APIs will be designed to keep personal and professional data side by side such that users can use both without any difficulty. KitKat users can also avail this in near future.

ART runtime is a new soft library that helps apps to launch faster. Battery drainage will reduce because power required for processing and decompressing are reduced to a great extent. Moreover a battery saver mode is there to save you. Android L will emerge as an OS of everywhere. This will be a great leap for Google in OS technology. Matias Duarte, the head of Android design of Google unveiled the stark new look of L. The date of release is still under covers.

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