Angry Birds Transformers: Robots in disguise

Angry Birds Transformers
Angry Birds Transformers

The latest addition from Rovio, Angry Birds Transformers, is all set to be released on October 15th and is a result of its collaboration with Hasbro, one of the popular entertainment brands in the world. As a result of this tie-up, this release will bring along a toy line from Hasbro and also licensed merchandise.

The trailer released for this series has been made such that it would appeal to all the ‘Transformers’ fans. Through the trailer, it is clear that the recent game is a blend of characters from Angry Birds and Transformers resulting in the creation of Angry Birds Transformers. The game would feature a battle between ‘Autobirds and Deceptihogs’. In addition to this, it would also support the Telepods technology. Telepods is one of Hasbro’s toy lines which was earlier used in Angry Birds Star Wars II and Angry Birds Go!. In this technology, gamers will be able to teleport Angry Birds Transformers’ characters directly into the game.

This game will be available in all the platforms very soon but whether the roll out of the Angry Birds’ latest version in the various platforms will arrive at the same time is yet unknown. After the Transformers version of Angry Birds, we hope to get another new version of the popular game very soon.

Sanghamitra Bhadra is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering and currently working as a Systems Engineer. She is very passionate about smartphone technology and technological innovations in general.
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