Apple files new patent for fuel cell battery with backup of one week

Apple files new patent for fuel cell battery has backup of last weeks

Apple has recently filed for a new patent of a fuel cell battery and experts are saying the new patent is essentially for MacBook. The new fuel cell battery is speculated to provide power backup to a portable device upto a week or more. The new type of energy source introduced by Apple is cost effective and portable system and hence it has the capability of supplying power for a longer time.

According to US Patent and Trademark office, the patent application is described as the following:
” A fuel cell system for a portable computing device, comprising: a fuel cell stack which converts fuel to electrical power; a fuel source for the fuel cell stack; and an interface to the portable computing device, wherein the interface comprises: a power link that provides power to the portable computing device; and a bidirectional communication link that provides bidirectional communication between the portable computing device and the controller for the fuel cell system; a controller, configured to: send fuel cell state information from the fuel cell system to the portable computing device through the bidirectional communication link; receive fuel cell control information from the portable computing device through the bidirectional communication link; and use the received fuel cell control information to control the fuel cell system. ”

However the patent description mentions about MagSafe connector but not the iPhone and iPad specific “Lightning” connectors. So it can be said that the fuel cell batteries are for MacBook only. However Apple had filed for several new patents which have never seen the light of the day. So until the batteries mentioned in the patent are not coming with any device, we cannot say anything for sure.

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