Apple revamps iPod with colors and upgrade to iPod Touch

Apple revamps iPod with colors and upgrade to iPod touch
Apple revamps iPod with colors and upgrade to iPod touch

Apple has revamped its iPod inventory and added more colors and more features to the iPods. Apple has included new vibrant colors for the iPod Shuffle and iPod nano which include dark blue, hot pink, and gold, in addition to the existing silver, black, and red colors. Now these two models, iPod Nano and Shuffle have received only some new colors but nothing with respect to internal specs.

However, the software of iPod Touch has been improved and upgraded to a good extent. The new enhancements include a 64-bit chip for faster performance especially gaming . Apart from this, iPod Touch will get a motion co-processor too. this motion co-processor will be able to track physical activity like that of M8.

Since few years it has been observed that Apple is not seriously involved with iPod anymore. Rather it preferred to keep on tinkering with some new features to iPods. So the recent improvements have taken aback many people. This is probably a good news for users who still prefer using apps and games through iPods. Another interesting addition to the iPod Touch is the new 8-megapixel camera on the rear side.

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