Apple’s First ever Web TV Service to launch at end of the year

Apple’s First ever Web TV Service to launch at end of the year
Apple’s First ever Web TV Service to launch at end of the year

Apple’s plans for the TV aren’t exactly new as we have heard multiple rumors about the company’s plans in the past. This has ranged from including new services and content to even rumors of creating a new hardware, although the former seems to be coming to fruition while the latter has remained squarely as a rumor at this point in time. However if the latest rumors are to be believed, Apple’s rumored web TV service is expected to be launched in the fall of 2015.

According to a WSJ reports, long lasting rumors about Apple TV could finally be true! Apple Inc.’s lofty plans to build an online television service are coming into sharper focus. This report claims that we could finally see Apple launching a streaming TV package, featuring a bunch of big-name broadcasters, available only on Apple devices. The WSJ report lists ABC, CBS and Fox as broadcast partners at launch, which would meant that most of the big-name channels – crucially, including ESPN – would be available without having to shell out for a cable package.
However, the only name missing out was NBC (which also means USA and Bravo), which is owned by Comcast, a company that apparently had a falling-out with Apple last year. One fact that adds a lot of weight to these rumors was the recent announcement that HBO’s new streaming service will launch exclusively on Apple devices. That shows that Apple is serious about its future in TV, and according to the WSJ, is just the first move, with Apple’s full master plan set to launch this fall.

We must admit, an affordable streaming package, marketed to everyone who owns an iOS device, and easily connectable to your big screen through Apple TV, would be a dream deal!! Although other streaming services exist – and some aren’t even half-bad! – Apple’s size and reach could make cord-cutting go truly main stream. We’ll just have to wait and see if the how far all this goes.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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