Best PCB Design Software: Iridian Creates New Software Updates

PCB Software
PCB Software

Recently, obtained by Hindley Circuits, Irridian Industrial Electronics, invested in the state of the art PCB design software to enhance the speed and accuracy of its design services.

The new Altium and Cadstar software platforms have an interactive and modern user interface. These cutting-edge design platforms will allow engineers to create complex, multilayer circuit boards while also following speed requirements.

3D Modeling and MACD Integration

There is a lot of time lost during the clearance checking and 3D modeling stages. If you’re creating a flex printed circuit board, you might have to send off for a foldable paper model to ensure everything fits correctly.

If it doesn’t, you’ll have to purchase another one, which can take days or weeks and might delay everything. Even if you’re creating traditional boards, you have to make sure everything is inside of the enclosure. And it can be difficult to communicate back and forth with your mechanical engineer doing the modeling.

Now, there are tools that can make 3D models of components and boards, do clearance checking for enclosures, and simulate PCB folding for its rigid flex circuits. These tools will help you make board revisions and place you in more control of clearance checking.


Rigid Flex: Rigid Flex boards come from the aerospace industry and are now being implemented everywhere. If you’re creating a rigid flex board, the clearance checking takes a different dimension. Make sure that everything folds together without hitting the case or jumbling the components.

New Design Creation

If you wished, you had the 3D modeling skills to make a design yourself, this software could help. The best PCB design software requirements are specified by the size and shape of the board. With these modeling tools in your hands, you’re able to experiment on mounting hole locations, physical cutouts, shielding placements, and board outlines. Then, you’ll have a hand in both the mechanical and electrical aspects of your board.

DC Power Analysis

Power design looks simple at first glance. Place your integrated power circuits on a rail or plane and watch them run. While this is sometimes true, an IR drop analysis, bad PC analysis, can result in a voltage drop across the board. Let’s look at why DC Power Analysis is becoming an essential step in the best pcb design software.

Why is it Important?

Current Densities: Today’s chips are becoming more powerful, meaning that they draw larger currents. As a rule of thumb, higher current densities lead to elevated temperatures. High current densities will take more energy and heat on your PCB.

Voltage Drop: The twin of current densities is the voltage drop. If a power chip has a current spike in power, and it doesn’t have a large enough trace, it can create a serious voltage drop. Again, using a DC analyzer highlights the voltage drop. They help determine what traces need to be rearranged or widened.


Conclusively, the best PCB design software relies on 3D Modeling and DC Power Analysis. Not only do they help with creating electrical boards, but they help with mechanical engineering as well. Thus, continue to use PCB design software to ensure better results for your electrical projects.

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