Blackberry assisting Boeing to make a self-destructing phone Boeing Black

Blackberry assisting Boeing to make a self-destructing phone
Blackberry assisting Boeing to make a self-destructing phone

There has been a conjecture making rounds that Boeing is working on a secret smartphone project. Much details could not be extracted but it was known this much that it would be a self-destruction smartphone for spies. The Boeing Black smartphone which is the self destruction smartphone runs on Android operating system but now we heard that Blackberry is boosting the production of the phone. The phone is solely intended for the United States defense which needs extra confidentiality to carry out secret missions. Boeing Black will ensure security and modularity so that users can use the same smartphone across a range of missions and configurations.

BlackBerry John Chen revealed that his company is “Boeing is collaborating with BlackBerry to provide a secure mobile solution for Android devices utilizing our BES 12 platform.” He added, “That, by the way, is all they allow me to say.”

Boeing says SECURITY + MODULARITY = PRODUCTIVITY. Some more specs could be fetched from Boeing’s website:

Android™ Operating System: Convenient smartphone for Android usage
Disk Encryption: Encrypted storage for sensitive data
Hardware Root of Trust: Ensures software authenticity
Hardware Crypto Engine: Protects stored and transmitted data
Embedded Secure Components: Enables trusted operations
Trusted Platform Modules: Provides secure key storage
Secure Boot: Maintains device image integrity
Hardware Modularity: Endless modularity capabilities

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