Brilliant- ultimate source to tickle your grey matter

Brilliant- ultimate source to tickle your grey matter
Brilliant- ultimate source to tickle your grey matter

Brilliant is an amazing app if you are a mathematics freak and it is also an amazing app if you hate mathematics and you have a joint entrance examination in a year. Yes this application makes mathematics and many other subjects fun to do. It is a worldwide community where people are interacting with each other to solve mathematics and other science subjects. In the next few lines I will describe in details about Brilliant.

As the name suggests if you participate in the communities you will tend to become brilliant gradually. When you install the app it will ask to sign in or sign up using your email ID or Facebook, Google or Twitter account. After the signing process is complete they will send you an email to confirm your registration. Follow the steps as mentioned to get started.

When you open the application 5 tabs will appear at the top namely Explore, which bears the logo symbol, Saved, Practice, Topics and the More options bar. They will prompt you to select topics first. The topics that are encompassed in this app are Algebra, JEE, Combinatorics, Number Theory, Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Computer Science, Geometry, Calculus, Biology and Chemistry. Select one option at a time to solve problems.

The Explore option takes you to the online community where you can solve problems posted by people or you can post problems yourself. This ks the place to interact for every problem you get 3 trials. For every correct answer you score 100 points and by solving you promote to higher level. You can even choose the level of difficulty of problems from very easy to very hard. The problems given are of wide variety and this refreshes your brain a lot. It drives way the stereotype thinking line. When you solve a problem it congratulates and mentions how many people besides you were able to solve it and when you find yourself to be among only 200- 300 you certainly stop under estimating your ability.

Now for those who fear science they have sets of practice tests in the Practice tab that will brush up your brain and train you to take part in the Explore community. 137 skills are available that you need to master by practicing the problems. Even if you are stuck in a problem you can post it to get solutions. People taking part are thought to be like minded and have same test. So there is an option to follow your buddies for further interactions.

The Saved ♡ options lets you save a problem and try later on. The application is absolutely free but there are some limitations like number of trials in solving a problem commonly known as ‘lines in scratchpad’ in terms of the app, ability to save sets and some other facilities. If you want you can subscribe to avail the locked facilities at Rs. 99.95 per month or an annual plan of Rs. 599.40. The premium service is known as “Brilliant squared”.

Try this application and solve beautiful real life problems. It’s really worth it.

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