British nationals’ web activity snooped on by government, even outside of UK

British nationals' web activity snooped on by government, even outside of UK

A report of Privacy International of Britain released documents on Tuesday stating a very shocking reality that the British Government retains the right to intervene into any communication done by a British national irrespective of the location where the communication took place, e.g. it can be a website hosted in the United States but that won’t stop Britain from snooping into the contents. It has achieved the warrant that way. The documentation was done by advocacy group Privacy International.

British Government retains the right to get access of the internet traffic with out a reasonable warrant. According to Privacy International the communications established in websites like Facebook which are hosted in a non UK country can also be snooped by British Government even if no suspicious activity is informed. This type of communication is referred to as external communication and UK government bears the right to hack them as well. on the other hand, Internal communication between two people in the UK can be accessed with a government-issued warrant justifying the reason.

Whatever be the rule of British Government can not be imposed on other countries at an international aspect and it is trivial that such decisions will create stir in the mass as no big brands like Facebook and Twitter would like to be sooped by Govt of a country other their host.

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